Two-headed Dragons are those whose bodies are composed of two separate heads and necks (and therefore two separate consciousnesses) that share one main body, one tail, and one set of limbs. The degree to which the consciousnesses are integrated varies depending on the breed. Two-headed dragons can only breed with other Two-Headed dragons (regardless of what other sub-type(s) they may be, such as the Two-headed Lindwyrm), and their eggs cannot be bitten by Vampire Dragons.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

On August 20, 2017, a site update wherein new descriptive text for this morphology type was added to a two-headed dragon's page. This text is included in addition to the regular dragon description, going underneath it, and it describes what two-headed dragons are in the context of the Dragon Cave world.

Adult description:

"Two-headed dragons are unique enough to deserve a separate classification from “regular” dragons. They have two necks, two brains, two mouths, but one stomach and one main body. The two heads usually work together, but there are times when they will fight each other, snapping back and forth. Their unique anatomy prevents them from breeding with single-headed dragons."

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