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Terriah is an event spriter on Dragon Cave, as well as an "Inactive Moderator" on the forums.

Terriah was a well-known "Global Moderator" that responded to the majority of issues that were sent to TJ09. They were also an active participant in the "Cave Cast" podcast. Before their promotion, they were a "Site Discussion Moderator". Many users considered Terri one of the best mods DC has ever had, for all that they had managed to get done, all while being nice and patient with users.

Terriah was also an active description moderator - they approved or rejected most of the user-written dragon descriptions. All moderators can review descriptions, but it was because of Terriah's efforts there was almost never a backlog. Their absence could still be seen well into 2017 with a large backlog of descriptions awaiting approval.

They were often dealing with DC troubles, including trying to get TJ09 to change things around the forum and cave. In the end, the drama was too much; coupled with real life commitments and feeling incredibly under-appreciated by TJ, they eventually resigned.


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