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TJ09 is creator, owner and administrator of Dragon Cave and The Dragon Cave Forums. He does all the coding for the site and chooses which new dragons and actions get added. He is able to revive dragons, burn scrolls, generate new eggs with selected codes, and manipulate the game in any way. A personified depiction of TJ with gold dragon wings and tail and gentlemen clothing appeared in the 2011 Holiday Tales book on the page "The Night Before Christmas".

TJ09 is also the butt of many overexaggerated jokes similar to Chuck Norris. These include: calling him a god; saying he has magic powers, and once, it was said that he gains these powers by eating pies made of pixels. Similar jokes are plentiful on the forums.

Fun Facts:

  • There is a Guardian of Nature with the code TJ09 that has the name Cowodtuh0 Thuwed, Saurian for Legendary Dragon. There is also a Frilled dragon named TJ09.
  • There once existed a "Hidden Page" called "TJ Sort". It sorted a user's dragons as they were on TJ's scroll.
  • TJ has a stats and trading site (Take an Egg, Leave an Egg) made for DC called Dragon Cave Records.


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