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Starscream's forums avatar
Starscream's forums avatar

Starscream is an "event spriter" on Dragon Cave as well as a "Chat Moderator" on the DC-IRC Chat.

Starscream is a "mildly psychotic" IRC moderator with some gender confusion, often swapping gender pronouns a few sentences apart. This tends to confuse the members of the chatroom.

Starscream seems to think they are a member of the Decepticons.

Keep your toes close, because Starscream loves to nom toes.

Starscream has created a couple of items for Dragon Cave's Special holiday hunts or Tree Decorating and has also acted as an event co-ordinator.

A bit about Starscream: Starscream, for all their crazy notions of world domination, enjoys the simple pleasure of cooking. They went to Niagara College in Ontario and took Chef Training, graduating in June 2013. And then got accepted in to Culinary Management and graduated from that June 2014. They are now seeking out an opportunity to go further into the culinary field and become an apprentice, with an end goal of becoming a Red Seal Cook/Chef. Perhaps they intend to rule the world through the belly of its population. One of Starscream's Favourite Chef-Professors once said "I want to control the universe."

Starscream is a collector of all things that are Starscream and has amassed a significant collection of Starscream transformers, non transforming transformers, items, collectables, including animation cells and comic artwork. They also run and operate Sunstar's Seeker Sanctuary, which is sadly outdated.

Starscream also has a keen interest in fish and animals. They have a pet pigeon, Rundown. A pet American Bullfrog, Tadums and a couple aquariums - Freshwater and Reef.

Starscream has also submitted material for various Dragon Cave Events.
All Hail Lord Starscream!


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