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SockPuppet Strangler (a.k.a. Sock) was a "Global Moderator" on the forums for several years before quitting.

They were a "Help Moderator" before getting promoted to Global Moderator on April 4, 2011, and were among the oldest standing moderators on the forum. Sock was promoted to their first moderator title around the same time as Kila, Iarsma, and Terriah. They went inactive for a while during their time as a Help Mod and were one of a few mods who were brought back from an inactive state.

The "Event Spriter" category was removed from their Wiki profile page at their own request on the forums:

Also, I only ever sprited a pretzel (that Marri shaded for me) for one event, so I'm uncomfortable being listed as an "event spriter". I have not participated in creating an event since submitting my pretzel. So if that could be removed, I would be forever grateful (and relieved). <3
- SockPuppet Strangler (Forum Post)


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