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Pygmies are a specific morphology known for their small size, and are only able to breed with other Pygmies, including Pumpkin Dragons. Most of these dragons on Dragon Cave will have "Pygmy" in their name somewhere. Pygmy eggs cannot be bitten by Vampire Dragons due to their size.

This category contains pygmy dragon breeds found on Dragon Cave.

Official description[]

On August 20, 2017, a site update wherein new descriptive text for this morphology type was added to a pygmy dragon's page. This text is included in addition to the regular dragon description, going underneath it, and it describes what pygmy dragons are in the context of the Dragon Cave world.

Adult description:

"Pygmy dragons are the smallest category of dragons, being on the same scale as domesticated animals. They are often found around concentrated populations of dragons, relying on their larger brethren to ward away potential predators and leave scraps. As such, the majority of a pygmy’s diet is scavenged. Due to their tiny size, pygmies do not breed with larger varieties of dragons."

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