A small update was performed on the site, providing new Encyclopedia entries, some updated sprites and new dimorphism for certain dragons. This period replaced what would have been a new dragon release in preparation for the upcoming 2015 Halloween events, with one of the updates being postponed till after Halloween to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas.

  • September 26: First announcement made and 21 new Encyclopedia entries added to the site.
  • October 7: Horse, Nilia and Holly dragon sprites were updated.
  • November: The Almandine Pyralspite dragon sprite was updated (not announced on-site).
  • December 3: Silver and Two-Headed dragon sprites were updated.

Gender-Specific SpritesEdit

Updated SpritesEdit


  • During the initial sprite update of Oct 7, it took a while before the sprites reached everyone scrolls, with different users receiving them at different times.
  • Initially, the first three new sprites did not adjust to smaller window sizes for things like scroll sort or lineage views, and instead displayed the sprite as full sized as seen here and here. This issue has since been fixed.
  • Silver dragons were the only ones to receive an update to their egg sprite during this event.

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