Also known as Unbreedables, creatures listed here cannot produce offspring (with the exception of the Guardians of Nature and Sinomorphs) and more often than not, are not true dragons. Most non-dragons are ungendered, although some do have genders and still do not have the ability to produce offspring. Some, like the Paper Dragon, used to have genders that have since been removed.

The value of non-dragons can vary considerably; some consider them valuable because catching them in the cave is the only way to obtain one, and no one can breed one for you. This can be difficult to accomplish considering how scarce some of the creatures can be. Others consider them less valuable because they lack the ability to generate more rares for the user by breeding, and likewise can't be use to continue or create lineages.

While the term "Unbreedables" extends to all creatures within this category, it also includes the following rare dragons that require means other than traditional breeding to acquire:

Unlike other creatures listed in this category, the Guardians of Nature and Sinomorphs can be bred; they can't, however, produce offspring of their own breed.

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