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Listed here are the moderators of the official [ DragCave Forums]
There are different kinds of mods and all can be identified by their own specific colored forum names.
<u>Mod Colors:</u>
*[[File:TJ09_name_tag.png]] ([[:Category:TJ09|TJ09]] - Administrator)
*<font color=#00c030>'''Global Moderator'''</font>
*<font color=#ff5522>'''General Discussion Moderator'''</font>
*<font color=#9408e3>'''Site Discussion Moderator'''</font>
*<font color=#007fff>'''Help Moderator'''</font>
*<font color=#9a0b0b>'''RP Moderator'''</font>
*'''RP Approver'''
*<font color=#c08a0c>'''Chat Moderator'''</font>
*<font color=#888888>'''Inactive Moderator'''</font>
[[Category:The Forums]]
[[Category:The Forums]]

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