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Kila was an in-cave spriter, event spriter, event writer as well as currently being an "Inactive Moderator" on the DragCave Forums.

She joined the forum in January of '08, and was a part of the Sprite Replacement, which took place during The Great Fog. She frequently stalked the Requests section, and was the moderator in charge of approving/rejecting submitted requests. Kila also had access to the progess and completed lists, allowing her to make the necessary edits. Kila was promoted at the same time as SockPuppet Strangler, Iarsma, and Terriah. When Sock became inactive and Pokemonfan13 stopped hanging out in requests, she handled the job of Help Moderator alone for a while. This, among other site issues, resulted in her ultimately deciding the site was no longer a good fit for her, and she ended up resigning on November 7, 2010. More information is on her dA journal.

She was well known for her use of newspapers. Kila is characterized by her sentient squid hat, appropriately named Squid. Most of the dragons on her scroll are named with the prefix "Immortal". She was also well known for the Leetle Trees she created, her own tree having the code "tree".

Currently Kila resides in Gainesville, Florida, and has an AA in Culinary Arts. Her favorite color is hot pink and she has a fondness for sushi and Nesquick.


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