Every year, a new Halloween dragon will be released for a brief time surrounding this holiday, and old Halloween dragons are able to produce offspring of their same breed. Halloween dragons will lay multiple eggs, causing the Abandoned Page (AP) to have many previous-release holiday eggs in it.

Unlike other holiday dragon, Halloween dragons are not limited to how many Cave-Born eggs can be kept per scroll.

Prior to 2017, no breed of Halloween dragon would be re-released; if you missed a previous year's holiday dragon, the only way to obtain one was if someone who already had one bred it for you. That is only possible around Halloween time; for the rest of the year, holiday dragons only produce the same breed as the other parent. Since the "rare x rare breeding" got implemented, Halloween dragons are able to reproduce with each other the week surrounding Halloween. During the course of the year, they can breed with standard dragons. These breedings result only in their partner's breed of eggs, but in the time period surrounding Halloween, they can result in eggs of the breed of the Halloween dragon parent.

None of them, apart from the Vampire dragon, have Breed Specific Actions. Unlike other holiday dragons, Halloween breeds can be both male and female, resulting in many of them having dimorphic sprites as a result.

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