2010-10-31 Halloween 2010 release
Halloween is a holiday always recognized on DragCave. Every year, a new Halloween dragon is released for a brief time, while those from previous years can produce eggs of their own kind. There is also usually some sort of event that is hosted around the same time involving games for people to play.

Events and dragons released over Halloween so far:

  • 2008: It was marked by the release of Vampire Dragons. It was also the first time that Zombies were able to be created - but since there was no kill limit at that time, some people killed so many dragons that it was made impossible by TJ, and he instated the 5 kills rule. Since this event, Zombies can now only be created during the Halloween season whereas in the past, they could be created at any time during the year.
  • 2009: Gave the cave Pumpkin Dragons, and the introduction of the Bite BSA for Vampires.
  • 2010: Featured "Trick or Treat" along with the Lagmonster which haunted the new released eggs of the Black Marrow Dragons.
  • 2011: Users had the chance to investigate "The Haunted House" before they got ready to stalk the shadows for finding the newly released Shadow Walker Dragons.
  • 2012: Halloween event "Haunting in Aliset", similar to the Haunted House. Several dragons dressed up, "Trick or Treat" was back too and the Cavern Lurker Dragon was released a few days after Halloween. (Delayed release because of Hurricane Sandy)
  • 2013: A traveling "Halloween Carnival" opened its gates for Halloween and users had the chance to go "Trick or Treat" again. On Halloween itself users were able to hunt the newly released Grave Dragon eggs.
  • 2014: The traveling "Halloween Carnival" returned to DC as well as the "Trick or Treat" event. On Halloween itself users were able to hunt the newly released Desipis Dragon eggs.
  • 2015: The "Trick or Treat" event made a return this year, as well as the addition of a mini-game; Brewing Mischief. On Halloween, the new Caligene Dragons were released.
  • 2016: The "Trick or Treat" event made another return this year, alongside a minesweeper-based mini-game; Contagion. On Halloween, the new Witchlight Dragons were released.
  • 2017: The "Trick or Treat" event made another return this year, alongside the event Trick or Treating where players got to take up a Halloween hatchling and dress it in different costumes. On Halloween, the new Omen Wyrms were released. This year was also special as it featured the introduction of a new special holiday-themed habitat added to the cave temporarily during the Halloween period. This new habitat re-released Cave-Born versions of previous Halloween dragons that users could catch if they had missed out on previous years.
  • 2018: The "Trick or Treat" event made another return this year, alongside the event Halloween Haunted Forest where players went through a choose-your-own-adventure style text-based game and collected items by following different paths; these items can be viewed via the player's scroll badge. On Halloween, the new Arcana Dragons were released, and the special Halloween habitat made a return.


2017's event featured the addition of a new temporary holiday-themed habitat to the cave. While dragons caught in this habitat listed "Cave" as their location on the View page, this version of "Cave" was different to site's current and original "Cave" listing. A glitch occurred when these new dragons were bred to other dragons that produced habitat-specific offspring due to the new habitat not being considered appropriately, and occasionally produced "fogball" offspring. Unlike previous occurrences with this glitch, such as "Missingno", the data was recoverable and those affected received the dragons they were meant to have, with the glitch being fixed as well.

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