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During their growth cycle all dragons go through four different developmental stages.

At first they are Eggs which then hatch into Hatchlings (or first stage hatchlings). These hatchlings then turn into Mature Hatchlings (or second stage hatchlings) and finally grow into their Adult form. There are no limits to how many dragons you can keep on your scroll but there is a limit to how many eggs and unfrozen hatchlings you can have at one time.

The base limit is four eggs and eight hatchlings. This changes with the increasing amount of dragons on a user's scroll and their following trophy level:

Dragons Trophy Limit
1 - 49
No badge 4 eggs-12 total
50 - 199 dragons User trophy bronze.png
Bronze badge
5 eggs-15 total
200 - 499 dragons User trophy silver.png
Silver badge
6 eggs-18 total
User trophy gold.png
Gold badge
7 eggs-21 total
1000+ dragons User trophy platinum.png
Platinum Badge
8 eggs-24 total

The first number is how many eggs you may have at one time. The second number refers to the total number of growing dragons you can have. This means you could have (with no trophy, as an example): 4 eggs and 8 hatchlings or 3 eggs and 9 hatchlings or 2 eggs and 10 hatchlings or 1 egg and 11 hatchlings or 0 eggs and 12 hatchlings. If you have 4 eggs, you can still hunt for hatchlings until you've hit 12 total growing things.

The number of living creatures you must have to acquire each trophy level needs to be reached and kept for the increase in the egg/hatchling to stay that way. For example, when you get 500 creatures and can have 7 eggs and 21 total growing things on your scroll, if you abandon/release/kill one, your gold trophy will (eventually) become silver, and your limit will be 6 eggs and 18 total again.

This limit can be taken up by dragons grabbed from the cave, the AP (abandoned page) or bred from your own scroll. There is no "secret" or "extra" slot available anymore. The egg limits posted here are the full egg limits available to you.

Previously, there was no benefit to badges, and you could have 4 eggs/8 total. Also, you could breed a fifth egg making it 5 eggs/9 total.

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