Dragon Hybrids, or a cross between two breeds of dragons, is a feature many users have asked in the past to be created. For example, this means that when you breed a mint and a stone, instead of getting either a mint or stone egg, you would get a strange mix of the two. This had been shot down many times, and was on the site's "What Not to Suggest" list. Even so, some users had gone so far as to sprite possible hybrids in hopes that they might be implemented in the future. Part of why the idea of hybrids has been discouraged is because of how much work it would mean for the spriters, not to mention the coding that TJ09 would have to create for the site. It involves coming up with mixes of every breedable dragon pairing. This would mean a large amount of work, especially seeing how it would include not only dragons in the cave, but ones that are yet to be released. It is made even more difficult by the fact that no one can agree on what these mixes would look like. For example, how would a Green Dragon mixed with a Water Dragon look: A long serpentine shape with green scales and wings? Not to mention that the different sprites have very different art styles, since they were done by various artists.

Later, hybrids have been adopted with the first to appear being the Two-Finned Bluna. Although hybrids aren't created for every combination of breed, they are still possible. Some players still do not support the idea of hybrids, which cannot be found in the cave.

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