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Dovealove's old user image
Dovealove's old user image

Dovealove was one of the most prolific in-cave spriters on DragonCave, as well as an event spriter.

He specializes in anatomy, shading and feathers and has helped on many of the released dragons, as well as many unreleased ones. He is currently retired from spriting, but occasionally takes coloring requests.


Almost Left[]

On the 30th of January, 2010, Dove posted a thread in the Suggestions and Requests forum, asking to pull all of his sprites.

"To request that I pull all my sprites, thank you. For clarification: Including my incave ones. Collaborative works would be best discussed in pm, depending on how much the dragon was shared."

Further information was given in a dA Journal, followed up by another entry.

Reactions were, for the most, sad and somewhat unsure of what to do. People speculated about the ownership of the art, and what would happen during the removal. The most common choices were that DragCave would close for a while, or that there would be another fog. Many people also expressed sadness over the fact that their scrolls were mostly composed of dragons that Dove had worked on, and that things wouldn't be the same.

However, it was later announced by TJ09 himself that he had changed his mind and that he and his in-cave sprites would remain but that he was going to remain retired from spriting.

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