Drakes are not actually dragons. Instead, drakes are similar-looking yet unrelated species of flying reptile that shares common territory with dragons.

Drakes often are smaller and more nimble than dragons are, with underdeveloped forelimbs if forelimbs are present. These smaller forelimbs are made up for with larger wings that grant enhanced mobility in flight.

As drakes are not related to dragons, they can not breed with dragons. However, drakes can interbreed with one another.

According to the offical Dragon Cave Forums:

Drake: Drakes (draks) are a species created by Dovealove. They have a certain set of characteristics and can only breed with other drakes.

Drakes always:
1. Possess no opposable digits on any limb (no thumbs)
2. Have antlers which are shed bi-annually
3. Are extremely good natured, obedient and eager to please
4. Are no smarter than your average dog, have short attention spans, and tend to never forget training, despite the fact that it takes a long time to cement it in their minds.
5. Are small, ranging in size between the size of a cat and as big as a husky.
6. Are found in the same basic body plan as the ocredrake varieties, which are the most basal forms.

Drakes usually:
1. Have branched antlers.
2. Have only one wing finger and a sail of struts that make the membrane of the wing follow along the tail
3. Have black eyes.
4. Have three toes.

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