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The Winter Event Schedule of 2009

Christmas, also now called Holiday, is a holiday annually celebrated on Dragon Cave, although the religious aspect to it is highly down-played. Every year, a new Christmas dragon is released for a brief time, while those from previous years can produce eggs of their own kind. Since 2010, a new Christmas event occurs during the time that previous holiday dragons are breedable, and as of 2010, the season is also associated with raffles for limited-release "prize dragons", Tinsel Dragons and Shimmer-scale Dragons.

Events and Dragons released over Christmas:

  • 2007: Release of the "Holly" dragon.
  • 2008: Release of the "Yulebuck" dragon. Between the release of the Yulebuck and January 1, the Leetle Tree was also introduced into the cave.
  • 2009: Release of the "Snow Angel" dragon. The Snow Angel is the first female-only Christmas dragon, the first Christmas dragon with three different available versions, and the second feather-winged dragon to be released on DC (after the White Dragon). This release was also marked by being the first Spriter's Alt released for a Holiday dragon, albeit unintentional.
  • 2010: Featured the first Christmas event, "Tree Decorating", along with the release of the "Ribbon Dancer" dragon. The first thirty prize-only Tinsel Dragons were given to winners of the contest.
  • 2011: Users were surprised with three events: "Holiday Tales," "Wreath Decorating," and "Christmas 2011 Dragon Dress Up," and also, of course, the newly released "Winter Magi." Winners of the Wreath Decorating contest also received exclusive Tinsel Dragons.
  • 2012: Users who baked a gingerbread house in the "Holiday Cooking" event were able to unlock the "Gingerbread House Decorating" event. The year's new release was the "Wrapping-Wing" dragon, and winners of the decorating contest received the first release of prize-only Shimmer-scale Dragons.
  • 2013: In the "Snow Wars" event, users were able to build snow forts and gain levels by "attacking" others' forts; those achieved the game's top level will be entered in the year's Prize Dragon raffle. This year also marked the removal in scroll limits for previous Christmas dragons, with each new Christmas dragon release after this still retaining a 2-per-scroll limit. Solstice Dragons were released this year as the new Christmas dragons.
  • 2014: Dragon Cave received a Snow Warning. Users had to collect Mana shards or play the Mana alchemy game to halt the storm’s advance. Later on the "Send a Present" sub-event started, where users could sent small presents with a message to either a random user or friends. On Christmas itself, the new Christmas dragon was released, the Mistletoe Dragon.
  • 2015: A full mini-game was introduced to Dragon Cave for this holiday season, Valkemarian Tales - Jolly Follies. It included 12 days of content that had players participate in storylines that also divulged information and lore about the world Dragon Cave is set in, with players having to choose "nice" or "naughty" options that changed how they experienced the game. This event revolutionised the way in which all events on Dragon Cave are celebrated, having had a huge host of artists work for months on a fully playable game that emulated standard Gameboy Advanced games. On Christmas day, the Aegis Dragon was released- the first Christmas dragon to receive a Breed Specific Action. During these events, it was also announced that Mistletoe dragons could now produce offspring of either gender- this was never officially announced, but after enough users realised they could be influenced, one of the spriters confirmed this was not a glitch. During this event, there was also a widespread glitch that hit the cave twice, where users' frozen ungendered hatchlings grew up despite being frozen. The glitch was fixed, and the fix was applied retroactively as well.
  • 2016: This year saw the return of the Valkemarian Tales mini-game for a new chapter- Valkemarian Tales - Festive Expeditions. It included 7 days of unique content, as well as many repeatable side quests where players could collect items to decorate their house with- trophy badges linked out to player's completed homes at the conclusion of the event. Like the previous year, this event also gave even more background information and lore to Valkemare, introducing a new town called Alhira (who hosted a "tropical" Christmas as generally celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere in real life), and a new race of individuals known as Thalassians. On Christmas day, the Snow Dragon was released- the first Christmas dragon to have a concept creator who was not a spriter. Solstice Dragons also received an update, with mature hatchlings now differentiating between rosy and blue wing versions with a newly added sprite- this update came after an almost 2 year long suggestion discussion thread via the DC Forums.
  • 2017: This year brought the Holidays Event 2017, a tetris-based mini-game that had players contribute to either Ice or Fire Mana which filled a global Mana bar. Each new day saw a new chapter released, which was unlocked by the global Mana bar being filled to 100%; the chapter unlocked would differ depending on whether Ice or Fire won that day. There were 12 chapters of story in total. On Christmas day, the Garland Dragon was released and was the first Christmas dragon to receive a unique adult description. This year was also special as it featured the introduction of a new special holiday-themed habitat added to the cave temporarily during the Christmas period. This new habitat re-released Cave-Born versions of previous Christmas dragons that users could catch if they had missed out on previous years.
  • 2018: This year brought Snow Wars 2 and the release of the Starsinger Dragons.
  • 2019: This year's Holidays event, the Advent Calendar, gave users a chance to replay mini-games and participate in decorating events from previous years; the candy earned through the mini-games could be used to unlock decorating sets. All users who participated in the Advent Calendar event received a commemorative badge and those participating in the previous deorating events for the first time also received a version of the original event badges. On Christmas day, the Wintertide Dragon was released.

On the Forums:
The forums also have many non-official ways to celebrate Christmas. This includes the DC Secret Santa (going into its third year) and projects to help gift Hollies, Yulebucks, and new Christmas dragons.

Holiday Re-Releases Habitat:
The usual Cave Born scroll limits DO still apply, and this biome will disappear at the end of the breeding event. On the dragon's View page, their biome is listed as "Cave". CB Holly eggs cannot be influenced, and are male-only. CB Solstice eggs will all hatch as the rosy-wing variation. CB Mistletoe eggs cannot be influenced, and are female-only.

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