Fake release banner for the 2013 April Fool's Day event.

April Fools' Day is a holiday occurring on April 1, and is celebrated with tricks and pranks. It has been celebrated in Dragon Cave since April 1, 2019.

April Fool's Day PranksEdit

Year Event
2009 Uncatchable Eggs appeared in the cave
2010 The Mod Mayhem release occurred, adding 4 new dragons and updating the Gold Dragon sprite.
2011 The Carrot Cave prank affected both the Cave and the site forums. Leetle Trees also got a new event sprite, turning into a broccoli floret. Users who visited the cave during the event received a commemorative carrot badge.
2012 TJ09 announced a joke adoptable site, Dino Cave.
2013 The Biggest Release Ever was announced, with dozens of previous years Festival of Eggs sprites dropping like regular eggs in the cave.
2014 The Dragon Encyclopedia was announced, which users initially thought this was a joke. However, the announcement was actually made at 11:59 PM on March 31, and would prove to be a genuine feature announcement.
2016 Celestial Dragons were released. The release banner announced them as "a new breed you can't even breed or release like other dragons." This referred to their unique breed specific action, but led users to speculate that this was a joke breed.
2017 The Dragon's Dilemma mini-game appeared on the site. While there was no announcement, and no new dragons were released, players had the chance to receive a special upside-down Mint Dragon.
2018 The Dragon's Dilemma returned for another year. Additionally, the Happy Something! event was announced, for which many dragon sprites and all Festival of Eggs sprites were recolored like Mint Dragons.
2019 The Dragon's Dilemma occurred again this year.

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