2018-08-26 August 2018 release

The August 2018 release occurred on August 26, 2018, and included the dragons found in this category. This release also included several site updates, including changes to the Dragon Cave Terms & Conditions.

The following changes were noted in the release thread:

Trading Hub UpdateEdit

The trading market is now paginated, and the rules have been made clearer—in particular, it should now be extremely obvious that anything other than "wants" or "haves" is not allowed, nor are off-site links. Violations of the trading rules will no longer result in a guaranteed permanent ban. In most cases, the first ban will be for a day, though for particularly bad offenses, more severe consequences may still happen.

Site TermsEdit

The site terms have been changed; the primary updates are simply clarifications in the wording to make things easier to read. The terms also now clarify that the rules against buying eggs apply specifically to off-site actions (since buying eggs on-site is obviously something we've now had for three months).

Market UpdateEdit

Several previously-unavailable location-specific breeds are now available for purchase in the market. These location-specific alts may not behave like their counterparts from their respective biomes when breeding due to being clearly marked as from the "market."

Raffle UpdateEdit

Several new types of raffle have been added, and will appear monthly at random. These include: hatching eggs, gathering dragons of specific body types, elements, or from specific biomes. Look for this to start with next month's raffle.

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