2018-05-21 12th Birthday release

The 12th Birthday release occurred on May 21, 2018, and included Leodon Dragons, Lacula Dragons, Razorcrest Wyverns, and Melismor Dragons. This release also introduced the following features to the site:

Trading HubEdit

On it, users can see all of their trades and offers in one place, featuring trade history and the ability to list their trades as public for others to easily find. Players can also search through public trades based on breed, and list what they would like in return for others to see.


With it, a new (and optional) in-game currency, called Shards, was introduced to the game, which players can earn by raising eggs, breeding their dragons, and participating in other site activities. Players can then save up these Shards to purchase eggs they're having trouble finding in the cave. Players have a maximum weekly limit of how many Shards can be earned, and these limits reset every Sunday.


Players can now receive notifications on the site reminding them of trade offers or to enter the monthly raffle. As time passes, this feature will be expanded into other areas of the game based on user feedback.

Sprite UpdatesEdit

The following dragons received sprite updates to their hatchlings and adults:

New Forum ModeratorsEdit

New moderators were added to the forum, adding to the Help Moderators and Site Discussion Moderators.

New Dragon Release TriviaEdit

Four new dragons were released into the cave; Lacula Dragons, Leodon Dragons, Melismor Dragons and Razorcrest Wyverns. While unconfirmed yet by spriters, it is theorized that the release is themed after the four houses of the Harry Potter franchise.

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