On August 20, 2017, a site update was released to update certain dragon breed names and descriptions, among other bug fixes and updated features to the game.

List of updatesEdit

Dragon Cave is currently down for some minor updates. While there's no major new features to announce, there's been a number of tweaks across the site:

  • The sickness mechanic has been changed a bit to reduce the ability to viewbomb without otherwise impacting sickness.
  • Auto-abandoned eggs will be logged in action log.
  • New adult/hatchling descriptions for drakes, two-headed dragons, and pygmies.
  • As a result of the above, Pygmy Dragons have been renamed to Common Pygmies, and Two-headed Dragons have been renamed to Split Dragons.
  • Sprites on retina/high-DPI displays should render more crisply (i.e. like pixel art) instead of blurry.
  • Groups are sorted by name in the list of all groups.
  • Fixed two bugs around adding dragons to groups:
  • Dragons already in a group won't be shown in the main add-to-group page.
  • Multi-selecting with shift-click while filtered will now only select the visible dragons.
  • Lineage tiles for many dragons have been adjusted to avoid empty space.
  • Lineage tiles for many hatchlings have been adjusted to properly focus on the sprite's face (and center when possible).
  • Renamed Alternate/Legacy custom sort to tile/manual custom sort since they're really neither alternate nor legacy. Going forward, table custom sort will likely be retired, due to its low usage compared to the other methods.
  • Basic custom sort functionality for groups (based on tile custom sort).

- TJ09 (Forum post)

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