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The 11th Birthday release occurred on May 21, 2017 as part of Dragon Cave's annual birthday celebration, and included Zyumorphs and Sinomorphs. Additionally, the release introduced several new site features:

Groups[edit | edit source]

Dragons can now be sorted on scrolls using groups, which can be linked out for other players to view. Groups can be accessed from the Account page by clicking the "Groups" link. This will take users to a page that lists any current groups created, as well as how many dragons are in each group, and the option to create a new group. Within these groups, users can see all the dragons added as well as the options to Edit or Delete the particular group. For each of the dragons listed in the group, the Actions page for them can be accessed, as well as an option to shuffle them into new or different groups or remove them from the current group.

When creating a group, users have the options to give this group a name, chose whether the group is public or private, the sorting type of the group (e.g. by Date or by Breed and etc- this includes options to Reverse Sort or Place eggs and unfrozen hatchlings on top), select a single dragon and then additionally choose whether to add just that dragon or include dragons from the same lineage as it or those from the same breed as it.

This aside, any dragon can be added to any created group via a new option on their View page. Created groups can also be accessed from the dropdown "Filter By" menu.

Updated Dragons Page[edit | edit source]

The top of the new Dragons page now features a user's scroll link, a link to a page containing their badges and a description of those badges and a Stats section featuring their join date, grown dragons, growing dragons and unique breeds on their scroll.

Monthly Raffles[edit | edit source]

Monthly raffles have now been added to the site to give more on-going opportunities for players to obtain Prize Dragons. The new monthly raffles can be accessed from the Account page under "Raffle Status". The page gives the following description:

"Raffles are monthly giveaways of exclusive dragons. Each month, perform a given task in order to enter the raffle (e.g. raising dragons). On the last day of the month, winners will be drawn from all entries. There will be 60 winners drawn each month: 5 gold winners, 10 silver winners, and 15 bronze winners for each of the Western and Eastern Prize Dragons."

The page then details below this the date of the next drawing, and what the entry requirements are for the current draw, and a button below this for players to submit their entry into the draw.

Vampire Updates[edit | edit source]

Vampire progeny lists can now be found by a new link added to the word "Bitten" on original Vampires' View pages. When clicked, the progeny list currently shows the same as that when clicking "Children" on the View page of a dragon with offspring. Additional to this update, the sprite series (excluding the egg) for the Vampire dragon was updated.

New BSA: Ward[edit | edit source]

White Dragons now have the BSA Ward! It is currently presumed to only be available to eggs with 3 days or more left on their timer and helps prevents an egg from dying of sickness for six hours, with a cooldown period of 14 days.

New Trophy: Platinum[edit | edit source]

A new Platinum trophy has been added which increases the total number of eggs and growing things a user may have on their scroll.

Platinum Trophy Eggs Total Total Limit Spriter
User trophy platinum.png

8 24 Unknown

All items (6)

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