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2016-05-21 10th Birthday release

The 10th Birthday release occurred on May 21, 2016, and included several new site features as well as the release of the dragons in this category.


  • Lineage tree views were updated to a new layout.
  • Biomes all received their own individual art as backgrounds (this shows for users who are using the default site skin).
  • A new updated and expanded map was added to the Home page, showing more of the continent of Galsreim.
  • Undead Dragons received sub-type specific sprite updates.
  • DC Drakes received new sized eggs that are smaller than that of standard dragons, but still larger than those of pygmies.
  • Abandoned eggs and hatchlings no longer get a day added to their timer when abandoned.
  • The action log in users' accounts received an update with pagination, allowing for much more history to be viewed in it.
  • Users can now opt in via their account settings to see User Descriptions that are highly rated by users but not yet approved by moderators.
  • Gilded Bloodscale Dragons received updated adult sprites.
  • Pillow Dragons received updated adult sprites.

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