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June 2024 release

Two new dragon breeds have been released for the month of June! Check out our current release article for the latest.


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Valentine 2023 event icon Deliver candy to houses to spread Valentine’s cheer in this year’s event.

Candy Delivery was a mini-game released as part of the 2023 Valentine's Day event. The Paperboy-like game put players in control of a small dragon who seeks to spread the Valentine's spirit by delivering candy. They must also avoid obstacles such as trees, houses, mana crystals, and other dragons. The player begins with five candy bars and three lives, and can collect additional candy and lives as the game goes on.


Users who played Candy Delivery received a commemorative badge for the event.

Badge Text
Valentine 2023 event badge 2023 Valentine’s Day
Participated in the 2023 Valentine’s Day event


Deliver candy to houses marked with Valentine 2023 target indicator to spread the Valentine’s spirit. Use the arrow leys [sic] or A/D to move left and right, and press Space/Enter to throw candy. Deliver successfully to build up a combo and achieve a high score—but watch out for trees, mana crystals, and the occasional dragon!

You begin with three lives and five pieces of candy to give out. Collect more by picking up hearts Valentine 2023 heart and candy bars Valentine 2023 candy bar.