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Breed Specific Actions, commonly abbreviated to BSAs, are special features that are available to only specific breeds of dragons. Listed here are all the current BSAs as well as future ones which TJ09 has confirmed to be a possibility.

The cooldowns for the BSAs are specific to the individual dragon, not to all dragons of the same type. So, for instance, two Red Dragons can use their BSA to incubate two eggs, one right after the other. (The same egg cannot be influenced or incubated twice, however, unless it has first been abandoned, which causes the effect of the original incubation or influencing to be lost.) The exception to this cooldown mechanism is the BSA Summon, which is global: no matter how many trio dragons the player has, Summon can only be used once every 14 days.


Vampire Dragons can use the BSA "Bite", which allows for a Vampire Dragon to bite any standard dragon egg on the user's scroll. This will either kill the egg, or transform it into a Vampire egg. If the egg is transformed, there is a chance the user's dragons will become "repulsed" by the egg, sending it to the Abandoned Page for other users to catch.

This action has a cooldown period of 31 days (roughly one month).


This BSA was given to Celestial Dragons upon their release on April 1, 2016. While growing up, the dragons maintain a corporeal form- once a hatchling becomes an adult or is frozen, it becomes ethereal. While ethereal, the dragon (hatchling or adult) has limited actions that can be performed on it (Describe, Name and Corporealize). Once made corporeal, all actions that can regularly be performed on hatchlings or adults become available again but only for a week. Adults may produce multi-clutches during breeding sessions and will immediately revert to their ethereal form once bred.

BSA Description:

"Returns the celestial to the material plane, allowing it to interact with physical objects."

Before the BSA is activated, the following message is given:

"This action will temporarily change the appearance of your dragon as it returns to the material plane. During this period, you will be able use various actions (e.g. breed, kill) to interact with the dragon. After one week, it will become incorporeal again, assume its original form, and will once again be unable to be bred/killed. This action has a cooldown of 28 days."

"While corporeal, this dragon will be able to breed multiple eggs."

BSA Message when used:

"The Celestial Dragon glows brightly, temporarily assuming its physical form."

After the BSA is used, and the dragon is corporeal, the action changes its description:

"This dragon is already in its corporeal form. It will remain so for <X> more days."

This action has a cooldown of 28 days.


Green Dragons can use the "Earthquake" action. This action affects all eggs on a scroll simultaneously, and may result in eggs being forced to hatch early. If the Earthquake action is successful, the hatchling will display the message "This hatchling was forced out of its egg prematurely". There is a fair chance that the egg will be killed or remain unaffected, and a very rare chance the hatchling will run away even if the action is successful.

It is possible to kill every egg on a scroll with this action. Unlike many other BSAs, there is no age limit on the eggs Earthquake can affect, and it will affect fogged eggs and eggs in active trades. This action can be used multiple times on the same eggs.

Eggs must be cracked, and have 6 days or less remaining on their "time until death" to be able to hatch by Earthquake.

BSA Description:

"Gives all of your eggs a chance to hatch early, at the risk of possibly killing them instead."

Message when earthquake forces hatching and the hatchling flees:

"The earthquake cracks the egg's shell, and a baby dragon scampers out.
You try to catch it as it runs away, but you trip and it gets away."

Message when earthquake forces hatching and the hatchling is caught:

"The earthquake cracks the egg's shell, and a baby dragon scampers out.
It tries to run away, but you catch it."

Message when egg is unaffected:

"The egg is unaffected by the earthquake."

Message when egg dies while cracked:

"The earthquake cracks the egg's shell, killing the baby dragon inside."

Message when egg dies while uncracked:

"The earthquake cracks the egg's shell, killing whatever was forming inside."

This action has a cooldown period of 14 days (two weeks).


This BSA was given to the Aegis Dragon upon its release on December 25, 2015. The BSA is specific only to this breed of dragon, and when used, will alter the appearance of the particular adult sprites used on. The BSA can only be used if there are dead eggs, hatchlings or adults on the scroll. Once used, the action's name will change to "Pacify"- if this reversed action is used, the Aegis dragon is returned to normal. "Pacify" can only be used when all dead eggs, hatchlings or adults on a user's scroll are gone. An Aegis dragon will remain in its Enraged form indefinitely, until the user decides to use "Pacify" on it.

Enrage BSA Description (when unavailable):

"There are no dead eggs/dragons to enrage this dragon."

Enrage BSA Description (when available):

"In the presence of wicked deeds, the Aegis Dragon is filled with uncontrollable, righteous wrath, assuming a more savage appearance."

Enrage BSA Message Upon Use:

"Upon witnessing your misdeeds, <NAME> becomes filled with an uncontrollable rage, assuming a much more vicious form."

Pacify BSA Description (when unavailable):

"This dragon cannot be calmed while there are dead eggs/dragons around."

Pacify BSA Description (when available):

"In the presence of good will, the Aegis Dragon is pacified, returning to its true form."

Pacify BSA Message Upon Use:

"Upon witnessing your good will, the Aegis Dragon’s rage is quelled, returning it to its true form."

This action has no cooldown. It is dependent on dead eggs, hatchlings or adults being present or removed from a user's scroll.


Since June 10, 2011, Purple Dragons have had the breed specific action "Fertility", which increases the chances of a successful breeding attempt by applying a 1.5x multiplier to the dragons' regular breed rate. Fertility can be performed by either gender of Purple Dragon on either gender of target, which does not influence the species produced by the breeding pair or the gender of the creature in the egg. Performing Fertility on both members in a pair doesn't raise the chance of success. Following an update on August 14, 2016, Fertility is now able to significantly reduce the chance of refusals during breeding as long as it's used before the targets are paired for the first time. If a pair has previously refused, Fertility cannot be used to undo the refusal.

After selecting the action, the user will be taken to a menu page with a scrollable list of breedable dragons (in the sort order on the user's scroll). The list can be narrowed down by typing in the "Filter dragon" box. BSA targets can be searched by code, breed name, or given name by inputting strings directly into the box. Targets can also be searched using a selection of hashtags: #cb (caveborn), #2g (generation number, can be any number), #bred (anything with a lineage), #desert (and other habitats including Market), and #boltdragon (and other breeds written out according to the Encyclopedia name). Dragons that have already been fertilized will be translucent and can't be selected, as Fertility does not stack. Once a dragon has had Fertility used on it, the effect will stay until the user attempts to breed it.

This action has a cooldown of 14 days (two weeks).


Red Dragons have the "Incubate" action. This will remove one day from the timer of an egg, enabling it to hatch faster. However, it cannot be used more than once on the same egg, on hidden eggs, or on eggs with 3 days or under left. In addition, abandoning or teleporting an incubated egg will cause the removed time to return, although the egg can be incubated again by the new owner if it has over 3 days left. Since eggs can hatch once their timer reaches 4 days, users often call eggs with 5 or fewer days left "incuhatchable". The incubate menu has since been updated, and a new message was added for when the BSA is used: "Your dragon incubates the egg, allowing it to hatch sooner".

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs are on the user's scroll:

No eggs
"You do not have any eggs eligible for incubating. Only eggs that are neither hidden nor being teleported can be selected."

This action has a cooldown period of 14 days (two weeks).


Pink Dragons can "Influence" the gender of eggs, ensuring that that egg will be the gender of the influencer. Their predecessors, Bright Pink Dragons, do not have this ability, however. This was the first Breed Specific Action to be implemented on the site.

Only eggs with more than 3 days left can be influenced, and abandoning or teleporting an egg will cause it to lose its influence, though the egg can be influenced again by the new owner as long as it has more than 3 days left. The gender of a dragon is determined at the moment it hatches and cannot be affected in the hatchling stage, even by abandoning or teleporting.

A 2015 update changed the text of the menu and added a message when the BSA is used, and an update in 2019 changed the mechanics of Influence so the gender of the target is guaranteed to match that of the influencing Pink.

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs are on the user's scroll:

No eggs
"You do not have any eggs eligible for influencing."

This action has a cooldown period of 7 days (one week).


This BSA was given to Aeon Wyverns and can be used on any egg or immature hatchling on the user's scroll to see what gender they will be. It is not affected by the use of Influence; Precognition can see whether Influence needs to be used as well as check whether an Influence was successful. Precognition can be used multiple times on the same egg or hatchling. Use of the BSA causes an aesthetic change in the adult Aeon's sprite that lasts the duration of the cooldown period. Precognition has a different message that will display depending on whether or not the target of the BSA may still be Influenced. In addition to hatchlings whose gender is already present, Precognition cannot be used for single-gender breeds such as Wrapping-Wings and genderless breeds such as Cheese Dragons.

BSA Descriptions:

"A glimpse into the future will reveal the true nature of a hatchling or egg."
"The dragon will use its magic to look into the future, revealing the gender of the selected egg or hatchling."

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs or hatchlings are on the user's scroll:

No targets
"You do not have any unfrozen eggs or hatchlings."

Description When Used (when Influence is impossible):

"Your dragon uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this <egg/hatchling> will be <male/female>."

Description When Used (when Influence is still possible):

"Your dragon uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this egg will be <female/male>, though its future may still be influenced."

BSA Description (when unavailable):

"This dragon cannot peer into the future for <X> more days."

This action has a cooldown of 7 days (one week).


The "Redecorate" Breed Specific Action was given to Glystere Wyrms. This action causes the Glystere to change forms, displaying a different pattern of colored lights along its body. There are four variants which rotate in order: multi-colored, red and green, red and yellow, and all yellow. The action has a 1 day cooldown.

BSA description:

You offer a handful of random mana shards to the dragon. The dragon takes your gift and the lights down its sides change color.

Remove Curse[]

Sophrosyne Dragons can use the "Remove Curse" action. This action uncurses an Undead Dragon, allowing it to return to the afterlife - meaning the Undead Dragon can actually "die" and be removed from the scroll like a normal dead dragon. This action uses up a kill slot, so the uncursed zombie will take up scroll space for the next 24 hours.

This action has a cooldown period of 31 days (roughly one month).


The "Splash" Breed Specific Action was given to Shallow Water Dragons, shortly after their initial release. This action does nothing, merely displaying the following message:

"<NAME> used SPLASH! But nothing happened!"

This is a joke in reference to the game Pokémon, specifically the Pokémon Magikarp. Magikarp are very weak Pokémon and are known to use the attack "Splash", a move that has no effect in battle. They also share the orange color scheme of the Shallow Water Dragon.

In the past, if users refreshed the page after they had used Splash within the last 24 hours, new text would appear saying:

"<NAME> has no moves left! <NAME> used STRUGGLE! <NAME> is hit with recoil!"

This was a further Pokémon reference to the number of times a Pokémon can use a move. Refreshing the page for "recoil" was just for fun; it wouldn't affect the Splash count in any way. Since a site-wide update was done to how error pages load, this additional feature to Splash now shows the standard error message.

Magikarp Badge[]

After around 100 uses of the action, the text following text is given instead of the usual message:

"What? <NAME> is evolving!"

"Congratulations! your <NAME> evolved into MAGIKARP BADGE!"

A Magikarp trophy is then added to the user's scroll. The user isn't required to use Splash every day for obtaining the badge, as the Splashes are cumulative. After receiving the badge, this BSA is still available but does nothing--another Magikarp trophy cannot be earned.

This action has a cooldown period of 24 hours (one day).


This BSA was given to Bolt Dragons upon their release on July 10, 2016. The action can be used on hatchlings with over 1 day left, and it adds an additional day to the hatchling's timer as well as simultaneously preventing it from receiving any views for 2 days and thus growing up. When used, the sprite of the Bolt dragon changes to one with static electricity surrounding it – once the cooldown wears off, the sprite returns to normal.

This BSA has proved to be most popular with players conducting trades, allowing for extra time on any hatchlings involved in a trade. Hatchlings can gain views/clicks if they are abandoned or traded/transferred, though stun can't be used on the same hatchling again. The use of this BSA is the only way to achieve a hatchling with a timer that shows more than 7 days left on it. In the past, additional time would not be added to eggs or hatchlings in similar situation, capping at 7 days, and stunned hatchlings would be unable to gain views after trading. Since this BSA's implementation however, hatchlings with up to 8 days left on their timer can now be seen and a hatchling can continue gaining views immediately after trading.

BSA Description:

"Stun a hatchling, giving it an extra day before dying but preventing it from receiving views for two days."

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs or hatchlings are on the user's scroll:

No hatchlings
"You do not have any hatchlings eligible for stunning."

Description When Used:

"Your dragon releases a bolt of electrical energy, stunning the hatchling."

This action has a cooldown of 14 days (two weeks).

Summon (Guardian of Nature)[]

Ice, Thunder, and Magma Dragons can join together for a chance to "Summon" a Guardian of Nature egg. A scroll must have at least one of each of these three types of dragon for Summoning to be available, and all 3 must be adults.

The "Summon" option will only show up on an action page when the scroll isn't locked, even if the cooldown is finished. There's about a 19% chance for a Summon to be successful, though having more sets of trios raises the odds. On a failure, the message given will be:

"Your magma, thunder, and ice dragons attempt to use their power to summon an egg, but they are not successful."

Three Guardians of Nature can be summoned in total, after which the action disappears. When a scroll "forgets" the third Guardian of Nature was there (i.e. it was killed and its eggshell or tombstone has disappeared), the BSA will appear again. Biting a Guardian of Nature egg allows another one to be summoned, while turning it into an Undead Dragon doesn't.

The Summon BSA and the Guardian of Nature are a reference to the Pokémon Lugia, which is said to appear when the Legendary Birds of Ice, Fire and Lightning come together.

This action has a cooldown period of 14 days (2 weeks).

Summon (Sinomorph)[]

Not to be confused with the "Summon" BSA involved in gaining a Guardian of Nature, this BSA is restricted to Zyumorphs and is used to summon an adult Sinomorph to a user's scroll (the only way to obtain this dragon). When at least one of all 6 Zyumorphs are present as adults on a scroll, the BSA will appear on their Action pages (no free egg slot is needed to summon). If the BSA is unable to be used, it will not appear on any Action pages rather than appearing as disabled. It is possible to have multiple Sinomorph dragons; however, only one can be summoned per set of 6 individually different Zyumorphs.

If available, the option to "Summon" will appear on the Action pages of any unused zyumorphs. Once selected, the dragon whose action was chosen, as well as one of each remaining color of the first-grown available adults on a user's scroll, will be displayed on the action screen. Any group of 6 that have already summoned a Sinomorph will have the BSA disabled on their Actions page, as opposed to the BSA not being present on the Actions page. The BSA is always successful, and whether the Sinomorph is male or female is not totally random; the higher the proportion of a particular gender in the set, the higher the probability of summoning a Sinomorph of that gender, though there is no way to fully guarantee the outcome.

BSA Description:

"Use the powers of all six Zyumorphs to call upon a great power."

Description When Used:

"The six Zyumorphs combine their powers and call forth the mighty Sinomorph."

Disabled/Used BSA Description:

"This dragon has already used this ability."

This action has no cooldown, and can only be used once per set of 6 individual adult Zyumorphs.


Since June 10, 2011, Magi Dragons have the Breed Specific Action "Teleport", allowing for two-way trading or one-way transferring of up to four eggs/unfrozen hatchlings, effectively replacing Abandoned Page trading. Instead of the normal two-way teleport the player can set up a public trade that will be listed in the Trading Hub of the site. However, recently caught eggs from the Biomes can only be teleported after their 5 hour waiting period has expired (which also applies when attempting to abandon them). All in-progress teleportation actions can be viewed on the Trading Hub.

Teleporting will cause an egg to lose any given BSA actions such as incubation or influencing. Hidden dragons cannot be teleported, and a teleport must be cancelled in order to hide an egg or hatchling. When a Teleport link is created, it can expire before the egg is claimed or the trade is completed for three reasons: an involved egg/hatchling becomes a hatchling/an adult respectively, an involved egg/hatchling dies, or a player is banned from public trading. In these cases, the magi goes on cooldown as if the teleport was completed. However, if the player chooses to cancel the trade before it is completed, the same Magi Dragon can be used to teleport eggs or hatchlings without any cooldown.

In the past, a different, albeit unique, situation could occur where a teleport link could expire without notice, involving caveborn Christmas or Valentine Holiday eggs--these dragons have a number limit of two caveborns for each scroll, with excess eggs caught being sent straight to the Abandoned Page after 24 hours. If a user wished to teleport any excess eggs, they had to do so within this time period or the teleport link would expire when the egg was automatically abandoned from the scroll. This has since become impossible to do as excess caveborn eggs can no longer be caught on a scroll.

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs or hatchlings are on the user's scroll:

"You do not have any unfrozen hatchlings or eggs to teleport."

This action has a cooldown period of 2 days.


This BSA was given to White Dragons on DC's 11th Birthday Release after being a feature long discussed and wanted on the site, and confirmed a few years ago to eventually make its way onto the site by TJ09. This BSA prevents an egg from dying of sickness for six hours, and can only be used on eggs, although it will stay in effect should the egg hatch. It can be used on eggs that are currently sick to prevent them from dying of sickness in the next six hours (including if an egg recovers and becomes sick again in that timeframe), though it does not guarantee the egg will survive after Ward wears off. Unlike many other BSAs, Ward has no time limit and fogged eggs will show up on the Ward menu.

BSA Description:

"Prevents an egg from dying of sickness for six hours."

Message given when attempting to use but no eggs are on the user's scroll:

No eggs
"You do not have any eggs eligible for influencing."

Message given when choosing an egg:

"Select an egg to ward. It will be protected from dying of sickness for six (6) hours."

Message when used:

"<NAME> casts protective magic over the egg, warding it against sickness."

This action has a cooldown of 14 days (two weeks).