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Hybrids are dragon breeds that can only be produced by cross-breeding specific combinations of dragons. These dragons cannot be found in the biomes and are distinct from either parent breed.


See main article: Avatar breeding

Avatars of Change, Creation, and Destruction are created by breeding Guardians of Nature with dragons of different elemental affinities. Elementally neutral dragons will not produce any kind of Avatar if bred with a Guardian of Nature.

Avatar of Change adult
Avatar of Creation adult
Avatar of Destruction adult
Elements of change Elements of creation Elements of destruction
  • Air
  • Ice
  • Time
  • Earth
  • Life
  • Water
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Lightning

Amalthean Dragons[]

Amalthean Dragons are created by cross-breeding Undine Dragons and White Dragons. Either alternate or standard coloring Undines can produce Amaltheans.

Amalthean Dragon
Undine x White
Undine adult male
White adult
Amalthean adult male

Carina Dragons[]

Carina Dragons are created by cross-breeding Ridgewing Dragons and Nebula Dragons. The variant of Ridgewing or Nebula has no effect on the child Carina's coloring.

Carina Dragon
Ridgewing x Nebula
Ridgewing purple adult male
Nebula blue adult female
Carina adult male

Ceriuth Dragons[]

Ceriuth Dragons are created by cross-breeding Aranoa Dragons and Sapo Dragons.

Ceriuth Dragon
Aranoa x Sapo
Aranoa adult
Sapo adult
Ceriuth adult

Dusk Pygmy[]

Dusk Pygmies are produced by crossing Crimson Flare Pygmies with Nilia Pygmies.

Dusk Pygmy
Crimson Flare x Nilia
Crimson Flare adult
Nilia blue adult male
Dusk adult male

Geode Dragons[]

Geode Dragons were the first hybrids introduced to the cave. They are produced by breeding two Stone Dragons, two Green Dragons, or cross-breeding a Stone and a Green Dragon.

Geode Dragon
Green x Green
Green adult
Green adult
Geode adult male
Geode Dragon
Green x Stone
Green adult
Stone adult
Geode adult male
Geode Dragon
Stone x Stone
Stone adult
Stone adult
Geode adult male

Hellhorse Dragons[]

Hellhorse Dragons are produced by cross-breeding Hellfire Wyverns and Horse Dragons.

Hellhorse Dragon
Hellfire x Horse
Hellfire adult male
Horse adult female
Hellhorse adult male

Incense Dragons[]

Incense Dragons are produced by breeding Black Tea Dragons with Script Dragons.

Incense Dragon
Black Tea x Script
Black Tea adult male
Script adult
Incense adult male

Jester Dragons[]

Jester Dragons are produced by crossing Bauta Dragons and Blancblack Dragons.

Jester Dragon
Bauta x Blancblack
Bauta adult
Blancblack adult female
Jester adult male

Nobleshield Dragons[]

Nobleshield Dragons are produced by cross breeding Guardian Dragons and Royal Crimson Dragons.

Nobleshield Dragon
Royal Crimson x Guardian
Royal Crimson adult
Guardian adult
Nobleshield adult female

Risensong Dragons[]

Risensong Dragons are produced by breeding Sunsong Amphipteres and Sunrise Dragons.

Risensong Dragon
Sunsong x Sunrise
Sunsong adult male
Sunrise adult female
Risensong adult

Royal Eminence Dragons[]

Royal Eminence Dragons are produced by breeding Royal Blue Dragons and Royal Crimson Dragons.

Royal Eminence Dragon
Royal Blue x Royal Crimson
Royal Blue adult male
Royal Crimson adult
Royal Eminence adult male

Setsong Dragons[]

Setsong Dragons are produced by breeding Sunsong Amphipteres and Sunset Dragons.

Setsong Dragon
Sunsong x Sunset
Sunsong adult male
Sunset adult female
Setsong adult

Shallow Water Dragons[]

Shallow Water Dragons are produced by crossing Magi Dragons and Water Dragons.

Shallow Water Dragon
Magi x Water
Magi adult
Water adult female
Shallow Water adult male

Sophrosyne Dragons[]

Sophrosyne Dragons are produced by breeding Daydream Dragons and White Dragons.

Sophrosyne Dragon
Daydream x White
Daydream adult male
White adult
Sophrosyne adult male

Spotted Teal Drakes[]

Spotted Teal Drakes are produced by breeding Greater Spotted Drakes and Morphodrakes.

Spotted Teal Drake
Greater Spotted x Morphodrake
Greater Spotted adult
Morphodrake adult
Spotted Teal adult

Storm-Rider Dragons[]

Storm-Rider Dragons are produced by breeding Coastal Waverunners and Electric Dragons.

Storm-Rider Dragon
Coastal Waverunner x Electric
Coastal Waverunner adult
Electric adult female
Storm-Rider adult

Twinklecape Pygmy[]

Twinklecape Pygmies are produced by breeding Glowback Pygmies and Pipio Pygmies.

Twinklecape Pygmy
Glowback x Pipio
Glowback adult male
Pipio adult female
Twinklecape adult male

Two-Finned Bluna[]

Two-Finned Bluna are produced by breeding Skywing Dragons to either Deep Sea Dragons or Water Dragons.

Two-Finned Bluna
Skywing x Deep Sea
Skywing adult
Deep Sea adult
Two-Finned Bluna adult male
Two-Finned Bluna
Skywing x Water
Skywing adult
Water adult female
Two-Finned Bluna adult male

Ultraviolet Dragons[]

Ultraviolet Dragons are produced by crossing Purple Dragons with Spitfire Dragons.

Ultraviolet Dragon
Purple x Spitfire
Purple adult male
Spitfire adult
Ultraviolet adult male

Ushgorn Dragons[]

Ushgorn Dragons are produced by breeding Tercorn Dragons with Xol Dragons. The brown variant is produced by using Incubate on an Ushgorn egg.

Ushgorn Dragon
Tercorn x Xol
Tercorn adult
Xol blue male
Ushgorn blue adult