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Fake release banner.
(Original banner was used for the Egg Flood release and also had the fake XD egg on it)

The Biggest Release Ever was the 2013 April Fools day event. On April Fools' Day (April 1), 2013, TJ09 announced that:

There are too many eggs in this release to fit them all into one post, so I'm not going to bother trying. Enjoy this stock imagery from a random past release!

— Release Banner

The release banner could have been taken as a hint that TJ was up to something, since it had already been used to introduce another "fake egg", the XD egg.

When users tried to catch the eggs they were able to view the page which displayed all the codes to link to this egg, but were unable to get it onto their scroll.

April Fools' Eggs[]

The April Fools' eggs were eggs from this years and past "Festival of Eggs" events.

Artist Egg Description
Apricity Festival of Eggs 2012 13 "This purple egg is covered in brilliant sparkles."
Dolphinsong Festival of Eggs 2010 03 "This egg has a band of soft colors."
Festival of Eggs 2011 10 "This egg twinkles like a star at night."
Festival of Eggs 2012 07 "This egg shimmers in pastel colors."
FoE 2013 05 "This egg is several shades of green."
Earthgirl Festival of Eggs 2010 04 "This egg has a beautiful pattern, as if it has been painted."
Festival of Eggs 2011 13 "This egg is very sparkly, reflecting a full spectrum of colorful lights."
Fiona BlueFire Festival of Eggs 2010 19 "You can see your reflection in this glassy egg."
Festival of Eggs 2011 14 "This shiny egg has intricate designs."
Festival of Eggs 2012 23 "This egg has an inner flame."
FoE 2013 41 "This frosted glass egg has daisies inside."
Infinis Festival of Eggs 2011 20 "This egg has crazy colorful swirls on it."
FoE 2013 02 "This fragile egg radiates golden light."
Imbecamiel Festival of Eggs 2011 19 "Butterflies flutter around this mysterious egg."
Festival of Eggs 2012 11 "This green egg is covered in mysterious designs."
FoE 2013 25 "This purple and gold egg shines brightly."
Jmm Festival of Eggs 2012 26 "This egg seems to just be a hollow shell."
JOTB Festival of Eggs 2011 21 "This egg appears to be made of weathered glass."
Festival of Eggs 2012 27 "This egg has lacy golden patterns."
Kiffren Festival of Eggs 2011 22 "This egg is cleverly hidden in the leaves."
Festival of Eggs 2012 12 "This egg is covered in bright stripes."
FoE 2013 11 "You can almost feel the eyes within the egg staring."
LadyLyzar Festival of Eggs 2012 29 "Whenever you go near this egg, your hair stands on end."
Lythiaren Festival of Eggs 2012 21 "This egg appears to be in beta."
Marrionetta Festival of Eggs 2011 29 "This egg is sometimes a potato."
Mysfytt Festival of Eggs 2012 15 "This egg smells of the sea."
Nakase Festival of Eggs 2010 16 "This egg is fragile."
Festival of Eggs 2011 31 "This egg is nestled in lillies."
Festival of Eggs 2012 14 "This blue and purple egg is like crystal."
FoE 2013 42 "This egg is empty!"
Nectaris FoE 2013 12 "This egg has water dancing around it."
Pokemonfan13 FoE 2013 13 "This egg looks like a lush field."
Seraphinu Festival of Eggs 2011 38 "Some strange animal left a print on this white egg."
Sif Festival of Eggs 2010 24 "This egg is made of pale, multicolored crystal."
Festival of Eggs 2011 41 "This egg is made of a vibrant blue crystal."
Festival of Eggs 2012 38 "Wrex." / "Shepard."
File:FoE 2013 35.gif "This egg emits a great deal of energy."
Skinst Festival of Eggs 2010 27 "This egg seems warmer than the others."
Festival of Eggs 2011 44 "This egg smells of the forest, and seems to radiate the energy of plant life."
Festival of Eggs 2012 10 "This egg feels cold, but sparkles with the reflecting light of the stars."
FoE 2013 16 "This egg seems brilliantly lit by the rising sun."
Tikigurl91 FoE 2013 51 "This egg looks so delicate you’re afraid to touch it."
Walker Festival of Eggs 2011 49 "Weird noises can be heard emanating from this egg, such as “Bam, Pow, and Holy Cannoli, Batman!”"
Wynni Festival of Eggs 2010 38 "Have a nice day!"
Festival of Eggs 2011 51 "This egg has a yellow flower on it."