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Astralophyne Dragons were released on May 21, 2022, alongside Thundersnow Dragons, Hooded Murkling Dragons, Furor Pygmies, Fanalea Dragons, Pyrrhichios Dragons and Scourgekeeper Dragons as part of Dragon Cave's 16th birthday celebration.

Astralophynes have the Breed Specific Action Adventure. Through this action, the user may select up to six adult dragons from the same release to be sent on an adventure, attempting to ally a Scourgekeeper Dragon. If successful, an adult Scourgekeeper Dragon will be added to the user's scroll and the participating adventurers will "retire", making the BSA unavailable for those dragons. A failed adventure imposes a 14 day cooldown on the participating adventurers, after which they can attempt another adventure.

Official descriptions[]


This pleasant egg was placed in the path of a refreshing breeze.


Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It is very devoted to studying magic and curative plants.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It is very devoted to studying magic and curative plants.

And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing.


Astralophyne Dragons are talented magic users in many aspects, their most prominent area of expertise being that of supportive magic. In addition to normal healing powers, these dragons can tap into the energies of the soular plane using a circular glyph for especially powerful healing and strengthening magics. When the glyph is summoned, their tail tips and wings flair out, and their fur billows and bristles from the ambient energy as if a gust is blowing around them. This exceptional power takes much time and effort to learn, training beginning from a young age and mastery considered to be a mark of true adulthood. They are scholars at heart, ever eager in the study of the arcane and medicinal. In part due to this, Astralophynes can be found in varying professions; some settle down to raise medicinal herbs and insects, some teach their knowledge, and some travel around in further study of magic, occasionally healing those they come across. Some especially brave have been known to join other valiant dragons, supporting them in battles against great threats.

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Astralophyne Dragon Astralophyne egg Astralophyne hatchling Astralophyne mature hatchling Astralophyne adult

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Astralophyne egg Astralophyne crack 1 Astralophyne crack 2 Astralophyne crack 3 Astralophyne crack 4 Astralophyne crack 5 Astralophyne dead egg

Encyclopedia entry[]

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Appearance/Basic Anatomy

  • Have two sets of antlers, one large pair and one small pair on the side slightly below the larger antlers.
  • The fur on the base of the neck and elbows are white, thick, and soft. The body is covered with small, smooth scales. The violet fades into sky-blue on the chest and top of the head.
  • The gold parts of the body have a metallic sheen.
  • Front paws have five digits each including the thumbs, with rather flat dark pads that help hold objects.
  • Hind feet have two-toed hooves and a dewclaw each.
  • Wings are smooth, translucent and resemble shadows made by rippling surfaces of water.
  • The split ends of the tail are usually shut together like one tail, and flair out to hold an energy orb in the middle when using less trivial magics. The fin-like appendages are soft to the touch and can be folded or spread at will.
  • The details of the glyph vary for each individual. Similarities for Astralophynes of the same bloodline have been observed.

Hatchling Behavior

  • Are trusting and inquisitive.
  • Make chirping sounds when excited or calling for parents.
  • Are dependent on their parents for food, protection, and education.
  • The three sets of wings take some time to get used to; mature hatchlings can be found flopping about flapping their wings or testing each of them out when they first grow in.
  • Leave their home to live independently once they mature.

Adult Behavior

  • Generally non-aggressive and patient.
  • Place value in politeness and respectability; addressing an Astralophyne with the proper respect and etiquette is certain to earn a good first impression and a response in kind.
  • Enjoy learning, research, and discussion, especially in their chosen discipline. Some Astralophynes with a major breakthrough may even forget their surroundings in a rare display of a fit of excitement.
  • While they prefer peaceful solutions, they can and will use offensive magics if needed, strengthening their own abilities with magic and blasting their foes with beams of light.
  • Their dances under the open sky with wings spread for a mesmerizing display of light are called “sun catching” and “star catching” respectively. It includes combinations of steps, turns, jumps, wing movements, and loops in the air.
  • Such dances are fit both for personal enjoyment and social gatherings, and may interest a potential mate. However, courtship is separate and relationships typically last for a long period before deciding to mate.
  • Mate for life, but stay together just long enough to raise their young, only rejoining briefly for social calls or when they want a new litter. However, a few couples were seen permanently living together.
  • Enjoy gifts of rare books, exotic herb seeds, magical artifacts, and beautiful gems, though preferences vary depending on the dragon’s chosen profession.


  • Most commonly found in forests, where they are typically born and raised.
  • Some travel to other regions.
  • Make hut-like nests from nearby materials, building from hollowed out spaces or from the ground.
  • Prefer spots near a fresh water source.


  • Omnivores; can eat raw mana and anything edible that is fresh.
  • Preferences vary depending on the individual.


  • Astralophyne Dragons represent a "general healer" class inspired by the White Mage and Astrologian of Final Fantasy XIV.[1]

Additional information[]

To help people better imagine the entire rpg party, I made silhouettes and the conceptors of each dragon gave me their sizes to compile into a size chart:
16th Birthday party size chart

And with the giant Scourgekeeper, our big bad evil guy!
16th Birthday BBEG size chart
(disclaimer: sizes might change in future depending on the conceptor or if the general size scope of dc changes.)
SkyWolf25 (Forum Post)

On my concept, the Astralophynes:

- As you all have guessed, the birthday's theme was rpg. Though it was a general rpg theme, many of the artists were familiar with dnd and the classes were generally inspired by dnd's structure as a result. However, as I have never played dnd before, my healer was inspired from FFXIV. First I started off with a 'general healer', then I was inspired a bit by White Mage, but I think the end result is most similar to Astrologian; drawing power from 'astral' sources, multi-faceted buff/shield/heal abilities, and general aesthetic(though in this part it also takes from WHM).

- The name is a mix of 'astral' and 'physician' (astral+o+phy+ne), with additional letters for a pretty name. xD Phyne is pronounced as 'feen'; as-tra-lo-feen.

- The fluff mane and elbow tufts are fur, thick and soft. The body is scaled, small and smooth scales like some snake species. I imagine the body underneath can be felt like those snakes, too, rather than a hard, bumpy surface like the dragons with large scales.

- As mentioned in the adult description, the split tail is usually closed up(see s1), and flairs out like in the sprite to hold an energy orb in the middle. Tail is closed for trivial magics, opened with energy orb for magic that needs more effort, then for the final soular plane powerup the wings are spread wide and the glyph is summoned.

Here's a doodle to show:
Astralophyne concept art tail

- They are typically patient and well-mannered, though sometimes perfectionist when it comes to their individual field of expertise. Enthusiastic and people-loving people may at first feel they are pleasant but distant as friends; Astralophynes believe it's respectable behaviour and a show of appropriate respect for another person(dragon, whatever haha). They are not very excitable, though maybe excepting research breakthroughs and the like - they are scholars, after all.

- They'd probably have a rousing discussion with Lihnseyres on souls and the soular plane. They're also similar in their calmness and introversion, but to make an analogy, Astrals are more like a gentleman at the library who smiles gently at your jokes while Lihns are more like a stoic professor you're apprehensive of joking at. xD

- While they spend most of their time pursuing their field, they do have a group activity. They occasionally dance on the ground during a clear day or a bright moonlit night with all of their translucent wings spread wide to catch the light in a dazzling display, circling and jumping, short flips in the air, etc. It is called 'sun catching' or 'star catching' depending on the time of day. It's commonly done with family and friend groups, but is also a method of making a good first impression to a possible mate. Intellect and personality matters most in the end, however.

- I wonder if anyone noticed, but they do have paw pads! However, they're not as jelly toe-bean like as, say, a Cloudplume's, and instead is more flat to hold objects firmly. Hind feet don't have them as they are hooved.
SkyWolf25 (Forum Post)