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2020-04-01 - April Fools' Day banner

The April Fools' Day 2020 event occurred on April 1, 2020. It included the fourth occurrence of The Dragon's Dilemma, which allowed users a chance to win a limited-edition upside-down Mint Dragon, as well as temporary sprite replacements for many adult dragons.

Event announcement[]

Once again, the famed Dragon's Dilemma™ has returned for one day only. Enter the biomes and make your choice in order to survive. You may even get something from it if you pick the right option.

In addition, many of the adult sprites have been replaced with vastly better versions, but again only for the next day. Enjoy them while they last.

TJ09, Forum Post

April Fools' sprites[]

A - M[]

Breed Sprites
Aeon Wyvern Aeon adult male AF 2020 Aeon adult male active AF 2020
Aeon adult female AF 2020 Aeon adult female active AF 2020
Aeria Gloris Dragon Aeria Gloris adult AF 2020
Almerald Dragon Almerald adult AF 2020
Antarean Dragon Antarean male AF 2020 Antarean female AF 2020
Aqualis Dragon Aqualis adult male AF 2020 Aqualis adult female AF 2020
Arcana Dragon Arcana adult male AF 2020 Arcana adult female AF 2020
Aria Dragon Aria adult male AF 2020 Aria adult female AF 2020
Arsani Dragon Arsani adult AF 2020
Ash Dragon Ash adult AF 2020
Astrapi Xenowyrm Astrapi adult AF 2020
Avea Pygmy Avea adult male AF 2020 Avea adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Balloon Dragon Balloon adult AF 2020
Black Tea Dragon Black Tea adult female AF 2020 Black Tea adult male AF 2020
Blancblack Dragon Blancblack adult male AF 2020 Blancblack adult female AF 2020
Bolt Dragon Bolt adult AF 2020
Brute Dragon Brute adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Candelabra Dragon Candelabra adult AF 2020
Cheese Dragon Cheese adult AF 2020
Chrono Xenowyrm Chrono adult AF 2020
Copper Dragon Copper liver of sulfur adult male AF 2020 Copper liver of sulfur adult female AF 2020
Copper rainbow adult male AF 2020 Copper rainbow adult female AF 2020
Copper verdigris adult male AF 2020 Copper verdigris adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Dark Green Dragon Dark Green adult AF 2020
Dark Green alternate adult AF 2020
Dark Lumina Dragon Dark Lumina adult AF 2020
Lumina adult male shed AF 2020 Lumina adult female shed AF 2020
Dusk Pygmy Dusk adult male AF 2020 Dusk adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Erador Lindwyrm Erador adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Floret Wyvern (Iris) Floret Iris purple adult AF 2020
Floret Iris gold adult AF 2020
Freckled Dragon Freckled adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Gaia Xenowyrm Gaia adult AF 2020
Garland Dragon Garland adult AF 2020
Glowback Pygmy Glowback adult male AF 2020 Glowback adult female AF 2020
Gold Dragon Gold adult male AF 2020 Gold adult female AF 2020
Golden Wyvern Golden Wyvern adult male AF 2020 Golden Wyvern adult female AF 2020
Green Dragon Green adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Heartseeker Dragon Heartseeker adult AF 2020
Hellhorse Dragon Hellhorse adult male AF 2020Hellhorse adult female AF 2020
Holly Dragon Holly adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Imperial Fleshcrowne Imperial Fleshcrowne adult male AF 2020Imperial Fleshcrowne adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Kingcrowne Dragon Kingcrowne adult AF 2020
Kohraki Dragon Kohraki adult male AF 2020Kohraki adult female AF 2020
Kovos Pygmy Kovos adult AF 2020
Kyanite Pygmy Kyanite adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Lihnseyre Dragon Lihnseyre adult AF 2020
Lumina Dragon Lumina adult AF 2020
Lumina adult male shed AF 2020 Lumina adult female shed AF 2020
Luminox Dragon Luminox adult male AF 2020Luminox adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Mageia Xenowyrm Mageia adult AF 2020
Magelight Pygmy Magelight adult AF 2020
Magma Dragon Magma adult AF 2020
Mariner Pygmy Mariner adult AF 2020
Melismor Dragon Melismor adult male AF 2020Melismor adult female AF 2020
Mimic Pygmy Mimic adult male AF 2020Mimic adult female AF 2020
Mistletoe Dragon Mistletoe adult AF 2020
Morphodrake Morphodrake adult AF 2020

N - Z[]

Breed Sprites
Nhiostrife Wyvern Nhiostrife adult AF 2020
Nilia Pygmy Nilia blue adult male AF 2020Nilia blue adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Pillow Dragon Pillow adult male AF 2020Pillow adult female AF 2020
Pipio Pygmy Pipio adult male AF 2020Pipio adult female AF 2020
Plated Colossus Dragon Plated Colossus adult male AF 2020Plated Colossus adult female AF 2020
Purple Dragon Purple adult male AF 2020Purple adult female AF 2020
Pyralspite Dragon Pyralspite Almandine adult AF 2020
Pyralspite Pyrope adult AF 2020
Pyralspite Spessartine adult AF 2020
Pyro Xenowyrm Pyro adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Radiant Angel Dragon Radiant Angel adult AF 2020
Razorcrest Wyvern Razorcrest adult AF 2020
Red-Tailed Wyrm Red-Tailed adult AF 2020
Rift Wyrm Rift adult male AF 2020Rift adult female AF 2020
Risensong Dragon Risensong adult AF 2020
Rosebud Dragon Rosebud adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Script Dragon Script adult AF 2020
Seasonal Dragon (Autumn) Seasonal Autumn adult male AF 2020Seasonal Autumn adult female AF 2020
Seasonal Dragon (Spring) Seasonal Spring adult male AF 2020Seasonal Spring adult female AF 2020
Seasonal Dragon (Summer) Seasonal Summer adult male AF 2020Seasonal Summer adult female AF 2020
Seasonal Dragon (Winter) Seasonal Winter adult male AF 2020Seasonal Winter adult female AF 2020
Setsong Dragon Setsong adult AF 2020
Shadow Walker Dragon Shadow Walker adult AF 2020
Sinii Krai Dragon Sinii Krai adult male AF 2020Sinii Krai adult female AF 2020
Siyat Dragon Siyat green adult AF 2020
Siyat blue adult AF 2020
Siyat purple adult AF 2020
Skywing Dragon Skywing adult AF 2020
Spinel Wyvern Spinel violet adult male AF 2020Spinel violet adult female AF 2020
Spinel green adult male AF 2020Spinel green adult female AF 2020
Spirit Ward Dragon Spirit Ward adult male day AF 2020Spirit Ward adult female day AF 2020
Spirit Ward adult male night 1 AF 2020Spirit Ward adult female night 1 AF 2020
Spirit Ward adult male night 2 AF 2020Spirit Ward adult female night 2 AF 2020
Spirit Ward adult male night 3 AF 2020Spirit Ward adult female night 3 AF 2020
Spirit Ward adult male night 4 AF 2020Spirit Ward adult female night 4 AF 2020
Spotted Greenwing Dragon Spotted Greenwing adult AF 2020
Starsinger Dragon Starsinger adult AF 2020
Stratos Dragon Stratos adult dawn AF 2020
Stratos adult day AF 2020
Stratos adult dusk AF 2020
Stratos adult night AF 2020
Sunrise Dragon Sunrise adult male AF 2020Sunrise adult female AF 2020
Sunset Dragon Sunset adult male AF 2020Sunset adult female AF 2020
Sunstone Dragon Sunstone adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Tarantula Hawk Drake Tarantula Hawk adult AF 2020
Tatterdrake Tatterdrake adult AF 2020
Tercorn Dragon Tercorn adult AF 2020
Tetra Dragon Tetra adult AF 2020
Thalassa Xenowyrm Thalassa adult AF 2020
Thunder Dragon Thunder adult AF 2020
Tinsel Dragon Tinsel bronze adult AF 2020
Tinsel silver adult AF 2020
Tinsel gold adult AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Ultraviolet Dragon Ultraviolet adult male AF 2020Ultraviolet adult female AF 2020
Breed Sprites
Water Dragon Water adult male AF 2020Water adult female AF 2020
Waterhorse Dragon Waterhorse adult male AF 2020Waterhorse adult female AF 2020
White Dragon White adult AF 2020
Wintertide Dragon Wintertide adult AF 2020