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Antarean Dragons were released on March 19, 2016, alongside Sapphire Dragons.

Official descriptions[]


This egg is surrounded by mysterious, reflective dust.


Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Its scales give off a blinding light.

Mature hatchling[]

Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. Its scales give off a blinding light.

And look! It has grown wings! It must be close to maturing.


Antarean Dragons are peaceful creatures shrouded in mystery. They are primarily found in the desert where they get most of their energy from sunbathing. Their most notable traits are their highly reflective manes and the mysterious light emitted by their scales which fades from bright, nearly blinding yellow-white into dim red as the dragons get older. Legend claims that they are otherworldly beings that came to this world when a meteor struck.

Sprite artists[]


Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
Female Antarean egg Antarean hatchling Antarean mature hatchling Antarean adult female
Male Antarean adult male

Egg sequence[]

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Dead
Antarean egg Antarean crack 1 Antarean crack 2 Antarean crack 3 Antarean crack 4 Antarean crack 5 Antarean dead egg

Retired sprites[]

Temporary event sprites
Series Egg Hatchling Mature hatchling Adult
April Fools' Day 2022
Antarean adult female AF 2022
April Fools' Day 2022
Antarean adult male AF 2022

Encyclopedia entry[]

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  • NiramiTheRaven196 intended that Anterean dragons be uncommon in the cave, but is unsure of how rare TJ09 has actually chosen them to be.[1]
  • While in the Completed Requests section of the forums, this dragon was intended to be released in the Desert and Volcano biomes.

Additional information[]


Sooo the Antareans were technically in development for several years, and went through 3 stages. Here's the first one, and my first attempt at spriting, back in 2010!

Link to image, together with descriptions. This was in 2010 so my English wasn't that good.

A few years later I decided to revisit them, this time officially, on the forums. With the help of Ashywolf and (i think?) Verridith, some progress on them has been made but then I disappeared off the face of the internet for like a year. Anyway, here's the art from that era:

A shaded sketch.
A shaded bust.

Original Antarean series

Then there was a phase when I tried to do some sketches and reference pictures, here's some of them:

A reference pic.
An adult sketch. Wings were made with the help of people in #arts.
A hatchling sketch or something.
New adult sketch that ended up being used.

Anyway, old sprites from the last era, here we go! Here's the initial version of the female.
Initial Antarean female

The tails of the adults both went through some significant changes.
Old Antarean female Old Antarean male

There was a suggestion to make their manes yellow, but I didn't like it much.
Antarean female yellow Antarean male yellow

And here go the old hatchlings!
Old Antarean hatchi Old Antarean mature hatchi

Aaaaand lastly, here's some fun art I made.

A coloured bust.
An unfinished 3D sculpture.
A coloured version of one of the sketches.
An Irestion alien snuggling an Antarean.
And a recent sketch.

Oh and by the way, here's the colour inspiration for these guys.

That's all I think. Enjoy this infodump o/
NiramiTheRaven196 (Forum Post)