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Gilded Bloodscale adult male

The adult is the fourth and final stage of a dragon's life cycle. From a human perspective, dragons appear to live forever and will never die of old age; they are still mortal however, thus may be killed.

Some dragon breeds have different sprites depending on the individual's gender. This is referred to as dimorphism, more precisely sexual dimorphism. Other breeds use the same sprite for both genders.



Kill your dragon. There is a limit to the amount of times you can use this action in a certain period of time.


This releases your dragon into the Wilderness. It will lose its name and become ownerless, but it will remain alive. This is a more humane way of removing an unwanted dragon from your scroll rather than killing it.


If you have not yet used this feature, it will still be available. This is to give your dragon a name. If you decide you dislike the name, you may change it at anytime and any number of times.


Give your dragon a description. This description will be added to your dragon's page under their breed description. You can write anything you want concerning your dragon but the description must first be approved by a moderator before it can appear on your dragon's page. Only adult dragons and frozen hatchlings may be described.


Breed your dragon with another dragon on your scroll. If the player has two adult dragons of different genders, the dragons may be bred to produce eggs, provided the two breeds are of the same type—both standard dragons, both drakes, both pygmies, or both two-headed. The child dragon has a link on its view page to display its lineage, while parent dragons will obtain a link to a new page which lists their partners and children.

Regular pairings may produce a single egg. Celestial Dragons and Painted Ray Pygmies may produce up to four eggs when bred, as do Holiday, Halloween and Valentine's Day dragons in their respective seasons.