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The A Tail of Young Love was the Valentine's Day 2019 event, nicknamed the "dragon dating sim". The event featured choose-your-own-adventure style storylines, whereby player choices affected the endings player viewed.

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Valentine’s Day 2019 Event: A Tail Of Young Love
School is back in session at White River Academy, but you haven’t yet found anyone to go to the Winter’s End Dance with...

Valentines 2019 release

"For this year’s event, take on the role of a student at the illustrious White River Academy. Interact with a variety of dragons, and hopefully find yourself a partner for the Winter’s End Dance.

And of course, be sure to grab these new Valentine’s eggs. They’ll be around from now until the end of Feb. 16 (three full days), so get hunting.


A "Reset Progress" button was available so players were able to explore all possible avenues. Players could advance text by pressing Enter or Space, and likewise use these to proceed text or make a choice. W and S or arrow keys allowed for the selection of a choice. Unlike previous events, the player's name was automatically set to their scroll name, and while this event featured "days" as a measure, all chapters were available at all times to players while the event was active.

There were 7 possible avenues to choose from, each one having its own main character; a dragon from the story which you can befriend. Depending on the options chosen, they may end up going to the Winter's End Dance with you as your date. Each choice made collates how much a dragon ends up liking you by Day 7, so it is possible to choose negative-impacting choices and still go to the Dance with that dragon.

General Event Credits[]

As of this event, credit is no longer provided from organizer(s) for individual art assets.


Event Contributors:

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Sprite Backgrounds Description
Val19 Day1 title Val19 Day2 title Val19 Day3 title Val19 Day4 title Val19 Day5 title Val19 Day6 title Val19 Day7 title Val19 End title Day title screens
Val19 courtyard Val19 courtyard night Val19 courtyard rain
Val19 classroom Val19 classroom night
Val19 hallway Val19 hallway night
Val19 tower day Val19 tower night
Val19 art room Val19 bedroom Val19 council room
Val19 clinic Val19 home ec Val19 library
Val19 forest Val19 park
Val19 dance Val19 track
Artroom, Harle's bedroom, Student Council room
Nurse's clinic, Home ec. room, Library
Forest, Behind School Park
Winter's Dance, Field Track


  • Script Dragons are more sensitive/susceptible to cold weather.[1]
  • The Alabasta Baca mentioned in Wilda the Magi's path come from the past event Brewing Mischief.[2]
  • The book "History of Mother's Hill" from Wilda the Magi's path is based on the location Mother's Hill from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.[2]
  • You can play the event at any time on a website TJ09 posted to discord, A Tail Of Young Love


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