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2006 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
04 июня I added this basic news page. I also added a quick hack protection. Eggs with way too many clicks will die on the spot. So don't keep refreshing to get your egg to hatch! Добавлена страница новостей и быстрая защита от хака. Яйца с большим количеством кликов будут погибать немедленно. От постоянных обновлений страницы драконёнок быстрее не вылупится.
08 июня Added two new dragons, and added a timer to the abandoned eggs to tell you how long they have. Добавлены два новых вида драконов и таймер, показывающий сколько осталось до гибели брошенного яйца.
09 июня Implemented a new feature for hatchlings. You'll see what it is, once the hatchling gets about halfway to maturing. У детёнышей появились новые характеристики, которые можно будет пронаблюдать как только он немного повзрослеет.
31 декабря Fixed URLs, I stopped using kirbymania[serv].no-ip.com a while ago in favor of tj09.b3ta.org, and I updated some of the text. Исправлены URL, я отказался от использования kirbymania[serv].no-ip.com и перешёл на tj09.b3ta.org. Часть текста обновлена.

2007 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
24 мая Made it so that "dead" dragons aren't deleted from the DB, so that there's the possibility of recovering them. Also removed the :2080 from URLs, that was ditched a while ago too. -
31 мая This site has suddenly gotten popular, so more updates are being made. I added an IP log to prevent people from cheating to get higher unique views or clicks, and fixed a few bugs. I also added two new dragons.
Big Update The site's backend has been greatly updated. It was getting to hard to manage before since I never planned for the script to get this complicated.
01 июня A bug has been corrected that prevented views and unique views from being added, which in some cases triggered the anti-hack protection mentioned on 06/04/06. A few dragons died from this bug, but they have been restored.
I also updated the math for the egg cracking so that the egg doesn't start to crack until it's closer to hatching than before.
More hack protection has been added today to block proxies as well as people who get lots of eggs then smash them.
02 июня Two new dragons have been added as well as one other creature. В пещере появились два новых вида драконов и ещё одно существо.
03 июня I've been going through a series of optimizations trying to reduce the huge amount of load the script has been causing. As a part of this optimization, there will only be 3 eggs available at a time to take. Refreshing will give you the same 3 eggs, until someone takes one of the three. It's something I had been meaning to do anyways, to prevent rapid-refreshing to get the color you want.
Also, the math was updated to make it a bit harder for dragons to mature.
Finally, I have closed registrations and the giving out of new eggs due to the unexpectedly huge growth of this site. Maybe I'll re-open these when the popularity dies down a bit.
Well, it appears that the huge load was caused by a poorly set up SQL database. The DB has been fixed and it looks like the issues are gone, meaning registrations are open again.
05 июня Please update all links to point to http://dragons.us.to instead of http://tj09.b3ta.org/dragon/
Considering the blandness of the old design, this new design is way overdue. Either way, the site now has a new design.
You can also now give out a link to let others view what dragons you have from your account scroll.
06 июня I made it so that no new eggs will be given out if there's a large number of abandoned eggs. Which, as of this moment, there are 2486 abandoned eggs and counting, with the potential for 465 more eggs to be considered abandoned. -
08 июня I updated part of the backend to make it much more flexible. Also, the kill action has been updated with new conditions, messages, and events. Finally, the new-egg-giving feature has been updated to try to automatically even out the number of different types of eggs given. -
13 июля The ratio of views to unique views required for it to be considered cheating has been increased and any dragons, hatchlings, or eggs that have been killed due to this protection have been revived. -
29 июля Sorry about that. What was supposed to be an hour or so of downtime turned into a multi-day affair because I forgot to reopen the site. Oops.
Anyways, I have a few new features and improvements planned when I find the time to work on the site. And of course, there'll be the usual assortment of new creatures to keep collectors busy.
03 августа Sorry again. After the downtime, I forgot to reactate egg spawning, resulting in quite a few e-mails in my inbox asking me what was wrong. It should be fixed now. -


2007 год[]

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03 августа

Welcome to our new board! Lot of people have suggested it so I figured I'd set one up.
03 августа
Notice about Signatures, Dragons in signatures, more specifically

I have no issue with people putting their creatures in their sigs to help them hatch, but please put them all on one line.

E.X. instead of putting them like this:




Put them like this:

:huh: :o ;) :P :D


:huh: :o;) :P :D

That way the forum doesn't stretch vertically as much.

03 августа
Bug Crushing, Splat

04 августа
Bandwidth Savings

I looked at my stats the other day and found that the majority of my bandwidth was used not by GIF files (You'd think the dragons, which are GIFs would use the most bandwidth), but by PNGs, and the only PNGs on the entire dragon cave site are the lovely scroll layout.

Makes sense, though. The dragons are 4 KB max, despite how often they're downloaded. The scroll images come in at around 1 MB total. Now, 1 MB that's downloaded by each visitor, and I'm getting 2000 visitors a day, that's 2 GB of bandwidth (almost) every day. No wonder PNGs used 22 GB of bandwidth in 2 weeks.

However, there is a happy ending. The layout has been replaced with JPGs that are 1/3 the size (360 KB to be specific). This means less bandwidth being drained on my end, which should also end out making the site load much faster.

I've attached the stats by type for PNGs and GIFs from July 8 (When I installed the stats program) to the end of the month for those who are curious.
Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)

04 августа
Mods, Coming Soon?

K, I think I've made my decision on what I'm having mods for:

Global Mods
Will moderate all boards.

Help Mods
Will moderate Suggestions/Requests and Help.

Site Discussion Mods
Will moderate Site Discussion and Show Off and News

General Discussion Mods
Will moderate the General Discussion category.

RP Mods
Will moderate the Role Playing category.

How to Apply
You must have a 20% or lower warning gauge.
You must be at least level 3.
Send me a PM (Attempting to apply in any other way will get you disqualified from being eligable) detailing which type(s) you would like to be considered for and why you think you are a good candidate for being a mod in general as well as specifically for that category.

05 августа
Red Dragons

07 августа
DB Table Crash, Kaboom!

15 августа
A Vacation, Yes, that's right

Using my godly (read: coding) abilities, I scheduled an appointment with Death. And I told him/her/it, "GTFO." And so he/she/it did.

And thus: death is on vacation until further notice. No eggs or hatchlings will be claimed.

You can still kill your own dragons, but don't expect Death to do it for you.

Oh, and you "haxxorz" out there will still be punished.

If you don't understand any of what I just said, I disabled the time limit on all dragons for now.

31 августа
Bandwidth Usage Update

Just so you know, the site's total bandwidth usage for the entire month of August is 20% the bandwidth usage of the last 3 weeks of July.

What's that mean? Bandwidth usage went down a LOT. Of course, the usage is probably still there, but I moved some of the "heavier" things like layout images to another server. However, even counting the bandwidth of the other server, the bandwidth usage for August is still much lower than only 3 weeks of July.

I think I have my plan now. Just keep on hatching your (adopted) eggs, and helping others hatch theirs, and you'll see.

01 сентября
Dragon Avatars

The avatar gallery in the UserCP now has fourteen (11 small and 3 large) public-usage dragon avatars.

If you find an image you think should be made into an avatar, post it here and I'll look at it.

26 ноября
Site Updated

04 декабря
Eggs In Signatures

QUOTE (TJ09 @ Dec 4 2007, 09:32 PM)

Starting tomorrow (Tomorrow being ~2:20 PM EST), if any signature of anyone who posts after 2:20 PM EST contains eggs, hatchlings, or dragons, they will receive a warning and have their signature blanked.

Et voila. Issue solved.

Obviously, applies to this forum only. This forum was made for site support and discussion. Around a thousand dragons hatched before this site forum was made, thousands hatched from other forums only, so I don't see why it's so necessary to strain the server (more) with all of the eggs in one place.

- - -
- - -
- - -

2008 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
25 января
Forum Wiped

Due to a bug in the forum's coding, all posts on the site had their content replaced. I took this opportunity to clean out the forum, removing all of the now-broken posts.

02 марта
Moderator Applications, Much delayed repost.

The currently available moderator positions are:
Global Moderators Moderate Everywhere.
Help Moderators Keep order in the help and suggestion forums.
Site Discussion Moderators Patrol the site discussion (and thus intro) forum(s).
General Discussion Moderators Moderate General Discussion, Video Games, Multimedia, and Forum Games.
RP Moderators Control the RP forums.
Description Moderator (In the process of choosing) Moderate user descriptions and help improve the description system
What we'll look at:

  • Description moderating "score" (How often your description moderations agreed with the official moderators)
  • Number of accepted descriptions

Chat Moderator (In the process of choosing) Manage the #dc channel.
What we'll look at:

  • In-chat availability
  • In-chat behavior
  • Knowledge of IRC

(Colors for both new positions to be determined)

In order to apply, you must have less than a 20% warn level at the time of consideration.
You must also be at least level 3.
Send me a PM with the section you would like to be considered for in the title, and why you think you'd be a good moderator in that section.
Submitting an application in any other way (E.X. creating a topic) is not acceptable. Any invalid submissions will be ignored.

14 апреля
A Teaser

17 апреля

17 апреля
Clear Skies

21 апреля
Server Switch, Again.

23 апреля
Mystery of the Eggs, Solved.

26 апреля
Hidden Dragons, But no Crouching Tigers.

26 мая
Pending Downtime

In our ongoing battle against e-mail hosts, the server provider assigned the server a new IP this morning. However, the new IP is being blocked by quite a few ISPs as well. The provider thinks they've found a new IP that is not blocked by anyone, so the server is going to change the IP again.

When they do, the site will be down for a short period of time until I update dragcave.ath.cx to point to the new IP.

Just a forewarning.

02 июня
Planned Outage

The site is down right now while I make some changes to the Database in the hopes of improving performance.

After all, there isn't much harm in streamlining.

17 июня

The server is completely inaccessible, and my login to restart it is disabled, so my guess is they suspended the site.

Why they would is anyone's guess, especially since they haven't yet answered the email I sent (At 12:00) to their support department

Once things are sorted out, I'll credit hatchlings and eggs for the time lost.

21 июля
Prepare for Updates, Teasers inside.

Hopefully you don't think I haven't been working these past few months since the fog. Because that'd just be silly. I've been doing plenty of work, getting tons of new features ready to the site. Many of these features are the results of suggestions, and many were suggested after I had already worked on them. To keep you waiting in anticipation, here's a sneak peek at the kinds of things you can expect to see:

Scroll Sorting:
One of the most common suggestions. There's been so many topics asking for it, how could I not add it? You'll be able to sort your scrolls by age, name, and breed, both ascending and descending. You can even choose your own custom sort order.
(Any dragons that are of the same sort type, such as same breed when sorting by breed, will be sorted by the egg stolen date.)

Dragon Descriptions: Another very popular suggestion. Owners will soon be able to individualize their dragons with personal descriptions. You can change them as much as you want; unlike names, they won't be permanent. Their will be two kinds of protection against abuse. A censor will pick out the obviously explicit words (Such as f***) that can't possibly be accidentally used. Beyond that, all descriptions will require moderator approval before they are displayed. (Sorry, but there are some pretty young kids that use this site, so I have to make sure that I keep it "clean.")

Updated Look: Some of the missing elements of the layout, such as a header and actual navigation links, will make their debut soon. Links to the home page and your scroll will always be within quick reach, and you'll be able to easily tell if you're logged in or not just by looking at the top of the page.

Easier to Use: No more cryptic error messages, or ones that say "the problem could be this...or this or this or this or..." If the site thinks you're using a proxy, the error message reflects that rather than simply saying "FORBIDDEN." If you accidentally put in the wrong password, it tells you exactly that instead of listing 3 possibilities.

Accessing Scrolls by Name: You asked for memorable scroll URLs. You said, "Dragons have them, why can't we?" Well now you do (Or will soon). You'll be able to use both /user/name and /user/n/name to access your scroll. For those wondering, the extra /n/ is there so that the rare/random people with numeric usernames aren't left out.

Dragon Lineages: Now you can tell how your dragons are related. On the dragon's page, you should see mother, father, or child, based on how the dragon is related to others. Abandoned dragons do not create breaks in the tree, so you can see what dragons are the mother and father of an egg you picked up from the abandoned pile.

Alternates: No longer will it be guaranteed that the eggs will follow linear growth patterns. Soon it will be possible for eggs to develop into different dragons for any number of reasons. Random chance, time of day, even based on which other dragons you have, the possibilities for concept creators are about to open up. It also adds a new element for collectors, who will now be challenged to collect all of the new possibilities.

Frozen Eggs: Some of the suggested eggs are so beautiful, someone asked me if I could add the ability to freeze eggs as well. I'm sure this will simultaneously annoy and excite many a collector, as they realize that there are now a lot more collection options, and that it means that they must go and get all of the eggs that they've already gotten, again.
For those wondering, freezing is no longer an option once the egg begins to crack.

Multiple Eggs from Breeding: Those of you that breed to abandon will rejoice. Those of you that don't breed to abandon will probably rejoice as well. Breeding dragons will soon have the possibility in resulting in up to four eggs. Unfortunately, you can only keep one, and the rest are abandoned. However, not all of the eggs will necessarily be the same, so the chance of you getting the egg you want will increase.
Also note that if you don't pick one of the multiple eggs within one hour (You'll be presented with a choice once you breed), then the first of the eggs will automatically be chosen for you.

Automatically Generated Incubators. Yes, that's right. Automatically generated. No more having to update your incubator every time you get a new egg or whenever a hatchling matures. However, in order to conserve server resources, hot-linking will be disabled, so you'll have to upload them to your own image host.

More Dragons: As you can see, the progress list is overflowing with completed dragons. These brand new sprites are so beautiful I'd have to be crazy not to want to use them. I've been preparing a nice large batch of dragons, so they're all set for the front of the cave and your scrolls...As soon as I get them, of course.

Obviously, not all of these will be available immediately after the update, but they're all coming eventually. Also, the site will have to go down for a while (1-2 hours) sometime soon while I copy all of the changes over from the test site.

23 июля
To prevent overrefreshing...

...Dragons with over 15 times more views than unique views will no longer receive views until the ratio decreases.

Unique views and clicks will increment normally.

28 июля
We Has Domain, A Dot Net.

Yes, a real domain. Not a free ath.cx one (Which Google geo-targets to Christmas Island), a real one.

It doesn't hurt that it's 3 characters shorter than the current one, too.

(www works too, as does any subdomain)

I don't know if the domain is resolving everywhere, but once it does I'll be automatically redirecting the old one to the new one.

30 июля
New Forum Layout

I finally finished the new forum layout.

Enjoy, hopefully I didn't miss any images.

The old layout (With an updated logo) is still selectable from the User CP.

05 августа
E-Mail Note, To AOL/AIM/Hotmail/Windows Live users

It seems that Hotmail is actually delivering e-mails sent from the site now. I don't know how for how long (I suspect since the domain switch, since the new domain has SPF records), but at least it's working.

The note on the registration/email validation pages has been updated. Likewise, AOL/AIM users are now warned that their validation e-mails are very likely to disappear into the void. (Hopefully not for long, though. See below.)

Since this is in news, I should probably make use of this topic to quote this e-mail I got earlier today from AOL:


I am contacting you regarding the ticket you opened with AOL concerning a mail delivery issue for the IP (lolserverip).

The block on the IP(s) (lolserverip) has been removed. Please allow 24 - 48 business hours for this removal to take effect.

If someone can confirm that AOL addresses are receiving verification e-mails, that'd be helpful.

11 августа
Current Downtime, Murphy's Law at work.

Finagle's corollary to Murphy's Law clearly states that things will go wrong at the worst possible moment.

So what's the worst possible moment for something to go wrong on a web site?

When the administrator is in Virginia without easy access to the internet, of course. (In fact, I am currently in a car, using my cell phone to give my laptop an internet connection. Not the fastest ISP.)

This is basically the first time I've had internet access since last night. I contacted my server host, and so far their response is "I am looking into this."

And yes, your dragons will receive credit for the downtime.

18 августа
State of the Cave Address

The current hosting plan does not have enough bandwidth to last out the month ([i]and no, the current downtime was not caused by running out). If the site keeps using bandwidth at this rate, I'll have to pay twice as much in overages as I pay for the hosting plan itself.

Obviously, if the site is running out of bandwidth, I'm going to need to do something. I looked into adding a second VPS, but all of the data that would go between the two servers to keep themselves synchronized would use up a ton of bandwidth on its own. In addition, the current host is proving to be less reliable than I'd like, with the seemingly frequent outages and rather slow response times whenever I contact them. So, I plan to move the site to a dedicated server hosted by a different company. This should solve the bandwidth issue, as well as give the server many more resources to work with, improving site performance.

For those who are curious:
Current VPS: 1 GB RAM, 500 GB bandwidth hosted by SWVPS
Planned Dedicated Server: 2 GB RAM, 1500 GB bandwidth hosted by SurpassHosting
(CPU isn't really a factor for the site, nor is disk space)

Unreleased Features
Egg freezing has been ready since the update, but I haven't enabled it. Incubators are basically ready, I'm just finalizing the interface. I've been holding off on releasing both features (as well as releasing any new dragons) until the server situation is solved.

The Current Downtime
The server appears to be completely down, for reasons unknown, and the control panel that my host provides that would allow me to reboot the server is down as well. I contacted my host hours ago and have received no response. They apparently feel that responding to their clients in a timely fashion isn't all that important.

22 августа
State of the Cave: 08/22

I didn't anticipate making this a regular thing, but meh.

The (New) Server
I've been in touch with my (new) host for the past few days. We've been trying to figure out what is clogging the network. They noticed that the server was being DDoSed, so software was installed to help lessen its effects. Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem, so apparently the DDoS is not the cause of the lag. Right now, the problem is in the hands of the network admins, and I haven't heard from them in over a day and a half.
In the event that the issue with the server is not solved, I'll probably end up moving the site to yet another host.

The Forum
I have been informed that at 10 PM EST, there will be maintenance performed on the server hosting the forum. The maintenance may take several hours, during which the forum will most likely not be accessible.

Right now, it appears that ImageShack isn't acting very stable. Sometimes uploads will work, and other times they won't. I've been looking into a pay-per-GB-downloaded service that will allow me to easily upload the incubators. In addition, this service would allow you to generate a new incubator without the URL changing.

Frozen Eggs/New Dragons
Still waiting for server issues to calm down, which rawr. There are so many amazing sprites completed, and I can't wait to release them, but I can't.

24 августа
State of the Cave: 08/24

The server seems to be running much more smoothly. Whatever was the fix (I'm assuming it's a result of my host's changes), it's nice to see the site running as it should be.

I just fixed the bug that was causing some names (I believe all-lowercase usernames) to be rendered off of the paper background. In addition, ImageShack uploading is re-enabled for now. I still think I might replace ImageShack with a pay-per-GB mirror, because it'd operate much more smoothly (no more upload failures).
(and I'd have to pay only $0.07 per GB downloaded. The largest incubator I've seen is under 300 KB, so that's over 35,000 incubator views for seven cents)

AND, at the request of Eromenos, you can now choose whether or not you wish to have your username displayed on your incubator.

New Dragons/Egg Freezing
Coming soon... :ph34r:

Description Moderation
The mods and myself are busier than we expected to be when we agreed to moderate descriptions. Thus, I have a community moderation system planned, where each user "votes" on whether or not a description should be approved. For example, if you think it should be approved, then the description's "score" is incremented. At first, the system will not actually approve or reject descriptions, until I get a feel for how well it's working, but eventually, descriptions that reach a certain score may be automatically approved or rejected.

If you would like to try out the system:

Currently it is for testing purposes only. Your votes will be stored, but they will only be displayed to mods. Comments will only be displayed to mods for now as well.

27 августа
Names With Spaces

All dragons with spaces at the beginning of their name (To attempt to use an already used name) have been removed. They cause problems with named URLs (the /viewdragon/n/name ones).

I already disabled the ability to prepend or append spaces to names several weeks ago anyways.

Not that this was really a big enough problem to warrant announcement. It only affected 0.25% of all dragons.

31 августа
State of the Cave: 08/31

Forum Updates
If you haven't yet noticed, a gender badge is now displayed for those who specify their gender in their profile. In addition, I've added a specific section for fan sites. I believe I got all of the fan site topics and moved them there, but I may have missed a few.

I've added the option to generate incubators that have a URL that doesn't change when you update them. Even though the URL for them says incubators.dragcave.net, they're actually being hosted on a separate.

I made the ads text-only to see how well that works out. I also added a small note when the site detects that you're blocking the ads. Don't worry, you won't get banned or anything for blocking them; the site doesn't even record your username or anything when it displays that message. Some users didn't even know that the site was ad-supported simply because they block all ads. SERIOUS INTERNETS ARE SERIOUS.

The Neopets code has been removed from the Get Code page. Neopets has locked all dragons from being posted, and from what I gather, they aren't very keen on revoking their bans. Several members say they've contacted Neopets to find out why the site was banned, but getting a response from them can take months.

05 сентября
State of the Cave: 09/05


Kay, so...The server was slow, and now it's fast again. Not much else to say.

For the technically endowed, the problem was that for some reason the server was failing to negotiate duplex and such. I don't know what it was falling back to, but I suspect half-duplex, which if you know what that is, 'nuff said.

A large majority of people voted that the site should have a shop. So now there is. And over 90% of people said that the artists should get a portion too. So that's happening too. 15% of what you pay actually goes to the site, and 5% of what you pay goes to the artist that created the design.
I'll be messing with it more whenever I decide to upgrade to "premium." I also can't add more than one of each product until I upgrade to premium.

If you buy something and it turns out to be horrible, CafePress does accept returns. And make sure you send pictures so I can see what went wrong.

14 сентября
Jkhudwo Don Owwj

DC 2008-09-14
DC SummerAdultFemDC SummerHatchlingFem

23 октября
Server CPU Upgrade


I'm ordering an upgrade for the server's CPU, which is not exactly a quick procedure. My host has estimated that the site will be down somewhere between 5-13 hours, and I don't know if I'll receive warning beforehand (Although I'm hoping they'll let me know when it will occur).

Just a forewarning. Hopefully I'll have a specific time soon.

23 октября
Upcoming Features

People have been complaining that I am not transparent enough, and although I thought it was a bad thing if people could see through you (being a trait that is normally associated with ghosts and other potentially unpleasant beings), I will endeavor.

And first, since I am too lazy to write thousands of words, here are some pictures:

DC 2008-10-23 newstuff
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff1
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff2
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff3
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff4
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff5
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff6
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff7
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff8
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff9
DC 2008-10-23 newstuff10


Better Explanations: If an action is disabled, the site will explain why. It even includes the oft requested breeding timer, and a timer for abandoning too.

Breed Action for Males: The breed action can now be selected for male dragons, in which case you will be prompted to select a female dragon to breed. Kind of like females, except the opposite.

Release: You will be able to basically "Disown" adult dragons, removing their name and removing them from your scroll.

Altered Kill 'Limit': Instead of banning upon killing 10 eggs, the limit has been revamped. Instead, you will only be allowed 5 killed eggs in the database at a time. If you kill 5, you only have to wait until one is removed from the database. Adults and hatchlings will not be affected.

Multiple Confirmations: When performing important actions such as freezing and killing, you will have to input your password (Which should bypass password-saving features of browsers for extra security) AND click OK on a confirmation box. Should prevent accidental clicks (or snap clicks) and keep out mischievous family/friends/whoever.

Icons: Icons indicating gender and frozen status will be displayed on both your account and scroll pages.

Username on Info Pages: Yet another popular request, you'll be able to select whether or not your username and a link to your scroll is available on your dragons' info pages.

Dragon ID instead of "Unnamed": The pictures pretty much explain it, but soon the info pages will show the unnamed dragons' IDs instead of "Unnamed."

An actual Help Section: Explanations of stuff for newbies (or not-so-new-bies) that tries to stay "in character" for the most part (except for when it's not possible, like when telling the user to click). I'll probably be posting the actual help text on the forum for revision sometime soon.

More Incubator Options: Not only will you be able to choose to upload your incubator to TinyPic, but you'll be able to choose how big you want the dragon 'tiles' on your incubator to be. If you choose small tiles, you can fit up to 132 dragons on a single incubator.

31 октября
Adlujaed ev Olac?

DC 2008-10-31
DC 2008-11-01
DC VampireHatchlingMaleDC VampireAdultFemDC VampireAdultMaleDC VampireHatchlingFem

16 ноября
Uhou Idcesbot!

DC 2008-11-16

28 ноября
Joujeduc Owwj Hokihd

DC 2008-11-28
DC AutumnHatchlingMaleDC AutumnAdultMale

28 ноября
Snap Links, and other mass-click addons.

DC 2008-11-28 cat

28 ноября

Quick DB change, site will be back soon.
03 декабря
I just..., bought...

A server.

It's kind of like moving from renting a house to owning your own house, except instead of a mortgage you pay for the house up front (Okay, so maybe that's not very realistic). Currently I'm leasing a server, which means I have to pay to use the server and pay for the bandwidth the server uses. Soon, I'll be paying only for the bandwidth. Still costs a lot, but is also less.

But not only does it cost less, but the new server is literally double the power of the old one in almost every way. Instead of a quad core processor, the new server will have dual quad core processors, for an amazing 8 cores (I seriously which I had an 8 core computer). And instead of one hard drive, it'll have two, which will be set up such that data is distributed among both disks for faster reading. Not only that, but it'll have double the RAM (Which, BTW, RAM is the current bottleneck).

The cost for the server is included in the donation meter, but I really don't expect it to reach 100%. That's what the ad revenue and extra donations from past months are for.

07 декабря
Shop Update

The shop ( http://www.cafepress.com/dragcave ) has been updated with two new designs.

I'll probably be adding the link to it pretty soon.

11 декабря
Upcoming CDN Incubator Update

Sometime soon (Tomorrow, probably) there will be a switch in CDN incubators, from an actual CDN service, to a VPS server.

Basically, this has two effects that you may need to be concerned with:
1. Updates to CDN incubators should take effect every hour on the hour.
2. If you have not generated a CDN incubator within the past 3 hours, you will need to generate a new one or your incubator will not work once the switch occurs (Until you generate it again). However, you have time, so no need to rush and generate them all at once.

I'll let you know when the actual switch occurs.

15 декабря

I added a quickly-made Winter version of the skin to the board. (Scroll icons may come eventually.)

You can always choose the default one from your user CP.

20 декабря
Inactive Users

Users who have no eggs, hatchlings, or dragons, and have not accessed the site while logged in for over 30 days will now be automatically marked inactive. They will be sent an e-mail giving them the chance to reactivate their account. If an inactive user does not reactivate their account, the account will be removed from the site after seven days.

Inactive users will not be sent an e-mail if their e-mail address is not verified, however.

The site terms have been updated to reflect this.

20 декабря
Nadkoh Noukxoh Uttajeh0

DC 2008-12-20
DC WinterAdultFemDC WinterHatchlingFem

24 декабря
Happy Holidays

DC 2008-12-25
DC YulebuckAdultUniDC YulebuckHatchlingUni
Notice: You may only take up to two of this type of egg. Any additional eggs will be automatically abandoned.

31 декабря
Color Study

Yes, I'm abusing my ability to post news topics, BUT, I need people to participate in my science fair "experiment."

All you have to do is sort the tiles "in order" several times. You're given the first and last tiles, and must drag the tiles into place.

The link is:



If any problems arise, I may reset the test.

And don't strain yourselves trying to do it. I don't want to cause any eye damage

Automatically Generated Graphs: http://color.tj09.ath.cx/results


2009 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
04 января
Some Statistics

09 февраля
02/09/09 - New Eggs

DC 2009-02-09

DC GeodeAdultFemDC GeodeHatchlingFemDC FrilledHatchlingUniDC FrilledAdultUni

10 февраля
Held Eggs

If you breed your dragons and produce multiple eggs and do not choose one of them within an hour, all of the eggs will be abandoned.

In other words, if you wish to keep an egg from a multiple-egg breeding, you must explicitly choose. All held eggs will be abandoned after an hour.

Previously, the site automatically chose one to keep, but performance issues prevent this from being a viable option.

14 февраля
Happy Valentines Day

DC 2009-02-14

DC ValentineAdultUniDC ValentineHatchlingUni
Notice: You may only take up to two of this type of egg. Any additional eggs will be automatically abandoned.

11 марта
Server Memory Upgrade

I have obtained a memory upgrade for the server, which should help things load faster. It appears that it is being installed right now.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: It appears that the downtime was due to a network issue. The new RAM has not yet been installed.

EDIT: As this topic says, the site is down due to network issues. However, my host is going to take this time to upgrade the RAM while the server is already inaccessible.

11 марта
Network Disruption

So, the downtime that I thought was due to the RAM upgrade extended a bit longer than expected, and it turns out it was due to a network outage.

The new RAM has not yet been installed.

Your eggs and hatchlings have been credited for 4 hours. Remember that time extensions do not affect breeding times in any way.

EDIT: Just received this from my host:

We have our hands tight and cannot do anything until the ISP reopens the connection at 5pm pacific time in about 3 hours...we're really sorry about this inconvenience sir...we do apologize about this.

This type of problems will dissapear when we'll get our own IPs next week sometime when we'll have full control over the network...at the moment we have to wait for our ISP...we're really sorry about this.

18 марта
State of the Cave

LagCave and FailCave
At the moment, all I really have to work with is this:

We'll take a look and we'll get back to you asap.

Thank you for your patience

Which is what I was told 12 hours ago.

Egg Drops
Until the cave speeds up again, I've disabled the creation of new eggs. You can still obtain eggs through breeding or on the abandoned page.

Forum optimization
Sometime soon (tomorrow, probably) the forum will go down for a short period of time while I change some settings.

I've received the following responses from my host:
QUOTE (@ 6:10 PM EST)

We installed a firewall that takes care of all the attacks and anything that could happen and have the network down...now if this problem is related with that then we need to add special rules for your server. Please provide us with the type of usage of your server and what I mean with that is how many connections you get per second usually, the amount of bandwidth used usually, the number of emails send/received usually and things like this so we can create specific rules for your server.

I responded with the info he requested, and got:
QUOTE (@ 6:44 PM EST)

I'll have this ticket placed as a priority for our tech guy to work on it.

21 марта
State of the Cave (продолжение)

I've already ordered a temporary dedicated server to switch the site to until the problems go away, because regardless of whether or not I choose to wait it out, or ship the server elsewhere, a lot of downtime will be involved.

I e-mailed the dedi-host (Same one as the previous dedi), and got this response (within like 5 minutes):

Just checked the order, everything looks good :-) Just allow about 24 hours for the server to be deployed and ready.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

I forgot how much I like SurpassHosting. Too bad their colocation service costs 10x the current service.

21 марта
BBCode in the Introductions Forum

At the request of the Site Discussion Moderators, BBCode has been disabled in the Introductions section. The goal is to prevent users from spamming links or posting inappropriate pictures in that section.
30 марта
State of the Cave - 03-30-2009

The server

As most of you know, the site is currently running on a temporary server until the real server is up and running. I was going to close the temporary server because the real server was going to be up Wednesday or Thursday, but it's looking more like Thursday or Friday, so I'll leave the temporary server up for now.

The real server should arrive here Wednesday, where I'll install some more RAM and set it up for the new host then ship it again. It should arrive at the new host on Thursday, and hopefully it'll be set up shortly after arriving.

The cave
Until the site is back on the real server, there are diminished egg drops and no breeding. Once the hosting situation is back to normal, I will re-enable breeding and return the number of cave-born eggs to normal amounts.

03 апреля
State of the Cave - 04-03-2009

The server has arrived!

That's right. The server is up and running at the new host. I'll be taking the site down to transfer stuff sometime soon.

To prevent a flood of bred eggs, breeding will be phased in slowly. It will be randomly enabled for each user over the course of the next 3.5 days. The breeding page will display a timer to when you will be allowed to breed.

09 апреля
Spring has Arrived

DC 2009-04-09

DC SpringAdultMaleDC SpringHatchlingMale

22 апреля
04/22/09: Egg Flood

DC 2009-04-22

DC BalloonAdultUniDC BalloonHatchlingUniDC DaydreamAdultMaleDC DaydreamHatchlingUniDC DorsalPurpleHatchlingUniDC DorsalPurpleAdultUniDC DorsalRedAdultUniDC DorsalRedHatchlingUniDC PinkHatchlingFemDC PinkAdultFemDC PinkAdultMaleDC PinkHatchlingMaleDC StripedWhiteAdultMaleDC StripedWhiteHatchlingUniDC StripedBlueHatchlingUniDC StripedBlueAdultMaleDC StripedRedFemDC StripedRedHatchlingUniDC StripedGreenAdultFemDC StripedGreenHatchlingUniDC SunriseAdultFemDC SunriseHatchlingUniDC SunsetHatchlingUniФайл:DC SunsetAdultFem.gifDC WhiptailHatchlingUniDC WhiptailAdultUni

DC FakeXDEggRed

01 мая
Name Removal

I've made a slight change to the conditions required for names to expire. It should make things less confusing for everyone

Before: Names removed from dragons that have not been viewed within 8 weeks.

Now: Names removed from dragons owned by users that have not visited the site within 8 weeks.

25 мая
Unannounced Database Maintenance

01 июня
Network Issues

03 июля
State of the Cave - 07/03/09

05 июля
State of the Cave - 07/05/09

10 июля
State of the Cave - 07/10/09

13 июля

14 июля
Moar Eggs

DC 2009-07-14

DC AlbinoAdultUniDC AlbinoHatchlingUniDC CheeseAdultUniDC CheeseHatchlingUniDC OchredrakeAdultUniDC OchredrakeHatchlingUniDC PigmyAdultMaleDC PigmyAdultFemDC PigmyHatchlingMaleDC PigmyHatchlingFem

20 июля
Site Down

22 июля
State of the Cave - 07/22/09 - UPDATED

25 июля
Dragons Restored

29 июля
Teaser - 07/29/09, Prepare to be...teased?

8 августа
State of the Cave - 08/08/09

20 августа
State of the Cave - 08/20/09

22 августа
Forum Updates

23 августа
State of the Cave - 08/23/09

24 августа
New Releases - 08/24/09

DC 2009-08-24

DC DeepSeaAdultUniDC DeepSeaHatchlingUniDC NeotropicalAdultFemDC NeotropicalHatchlingUniDC WaterWalkerHatchlingUniDC WaterWalkerAdultUniDC HorseAdultUniDC HorseHatchlingUniDC WaterHorseAdultMaleDC WaterHorseHatchlingMaleDC WaterHorseHatchlingFemDC WaterHorseAdultFem

28 августа
Yes, the site is down

28 сентября
09/28/09 - State of the Cave, Minor Updates

03 октября
10/03/09 - State of the Cave

04 октября
10/04/09 - State of the Cave


That's right, the first breed-specific action has been implemented. Adult pink dragons can now influence the gender of unhatched eggs.
Stay tuned, as I'll be implemented more breed-specific actions soon.

09 октября
10/09/09 - Twitter

DC 091009-Twitter

17 октября
State of the Cave - 10/17/09, New BSA's

Red dragons now have the "incubate" action. This will remove one day from the timer of an egg, enabling it to hatch faster. However, it cannot be used on hidden eggs or eggs with less than 3 days left. In addition, abandoning an incubated egg will cause the removed time to return, although the egg can be incubated again by the new owner.

Green/Pebble/Earth dragons can use the "Earthquake" action. This action operates on all of your eggs and may result in eggs being forced to hatch early. However, there is also a small chance that the earthquake will kill the egg, although much of the time the eggs will simply be unaffected.

30 октября
10/31/09 - Happy Halloween

DC 2009-10-31

DC PumpkinHatchlingUniDC PumpkinAdultUni
22 ноября
11/22/09 - Legendary Trio

DC 2009-11-22

DC IceAdultUniDC ThunderAdultUniDC MagmaAdultUniDC IceHatchlingUniDC ThunderHatchlingUniDC MagmaHatchlingUni
5 декабря
A Reminder, Regarding account security.

Recently, a number of people have had their accounts stolen from them after they gave out their password to someone that claimed they would "help" to catch an egg. Because of this, I feel it is important to remind everyone that you should never share your password for any reason.
If you let someone else use your account and they abandon eggs or break site rules, you're responsible for what happens.

So again:
Never give out your password to anyone.

11 декабря
Winter Has Arrived

DC Logo Winter

Winter is here, and with it, cold weather, snow, and the return of the winter forum layout! (Don't worry, the old red one is still available.)

In addition, the store has been stocked with some sweet-looking winter merchandise. If you need to see shipping deadlines, you can view them here.

19 декабря
12/19/09 - Winter Event, A preemptive announcement.

DC 2009-12-19

Winter Event
What: Breed your old Holiday event dragons.
When: December 21-28 (This means it ends on the 28th at midnight)
Limited-Release Dragon: December 25-28
Winter Dragons starting on the 21st.

All previously announced limits on Holiday event dragons are still in place, and apply cumulatively to eggs, hatchlings, and adults.

25 декабря
12/25/09 - Happy Holidays

DC 2009-12-25

DC SnowAngelGoldAdultUniDC SnowAngelHatchlingUni
Notice: You may only take up to two of this breed. Any additional eggs will be automatically abandoned.
31 декабря
Scheduled Maintenance

DC will be down for maintenance on January 2nd starting from 2 am EST. The downtime is expected to last one to two hours, but may take longer.


2010 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
15 января
01/15/10 - Mid-Winter Madness, lulz.

DC 2010-01-15

DC TwoFinnedBlunaAdultMaleDC TwoFinnedBlunaAdultFemDC TwoFinnedBlunaHatchlingDC NocturneNightAdultFemDC NocturneNightHatchlingUniDC CanopyAdultMaleDC CanopyHatchlingUniDC CanopyAdultFemDC ElectricHatchlingUniDC ElectricAdultFemDC FakeXDEggRedDC FakeHeartEgg
29 января
DNS Change

The cave's IP address has changed. Depending on your ISP, it may be a few hours before the dragcave.net domain starts pointing to the new address (If the ISP is competent, it should take at most 30 minutes).

Sorry for any inconveniences this causes. (It's not my fault, I swear)

01 февраля

Dovealove has decided not to leave DC, although she is remaining retired from working on sprites and requests. She says she is very sorry for the trouble she's caused, and hopes that the end result of all this strife is a brighter beginning.

02 февраля
Downtime - UPDATE 2/2/10

The site was down for about two hours due to "scheduled maintenance" in the host's data center (that I was never informed of, but...)

Now you know.


03 февраля
Forum Downtime

I know this is unorthodox but TJ has said I should inform you about the downtime and create a news topic for you. This way you're not in the dark about what happened.

The forums went down today for roughly 8 hours due to a PHP upgrade. However TJ sorted out the situation as soon as he could and the forums are now back up. There were also some issues with the DC Chat, however this was also related to a faulty modem and has also been rectified.

With any luck, the forums should be up for a long while now.

Happy Posting!

07 февраля
Valentine's Day Timeframe

(Sorry, no pretty picture for this event timeline, although you'll get one on the 14th.)

Old Valentine's Dragon Breeding: February 8-15 (See the calendar if you aren't sure what that means)
Valentine's Day Event: February 14th (All Day)

2-dragon limit is in place for both breeds

And just a reminder, the event timeframes are posted on the Forum Calendar.

Edit: Fixed calendar. That's what I get for trying to make the event have a pretty color on the calendar

14 февраля
02/14/10 - Happy Valentine's Day, Sorry it's late (Photoshop died.)

DC 2010-02-14

DC SweetlingAdultUniDC SweetlingHatchlingUniDC FakeHeartEgg
(You are limited to 2 per person.)
21 февраля
Forum Maintenance

The forums will be down for scheduled maintenance from 1-2 am on Sunday, February 28 ("Saturday night"). During this time, the forums will appear down (No maintenance message will be displayed).

The maintenance may not take the entire time (conversely, it may take more than an hour)

07 марта
DC Maintenance

DC will be down for some maintenance 03/08 at 1 AM. A.K.A. tonight. It should take 1-2 hours.

There may be additional maintenance performed later this week. Times will be announced when they are decided.

10 марта
State of the Cave - 03/10/10


The breed balancing system has been tweaked to give more priority to recent dragons. This should have the effect of making the system "forget" about huge imbalances eventually rather than stubbornly trying to correct them for months (against the wishes of the users.)

Forum 500-Internal-Server-Error Errors Hopefully have been fixed.

Incoming Updates
There are some incoming updates (hopefully sometime this week). The list of changes includes:

  • Dimorphism (different male/female sprites) for a wider variety of dragons.
  • A secret new BSA
  • A change in the "minimum hatching/maturing" time limit from random 3-4 days to just 3 days (A.K.A. higher turnaround.)

Mod Mayhem
The next dragon release (Codename: Mod Mayhem) will be hitting DC in the next two weeks. Brace yourselves and cue speculation.

28 марта
State of the Cave - 03/28/10

News Forum Cleared
A forum bug resulted in the news forum being cleared. Sorry 'bout that.

31 марта
04/01/10 - MAYHEM

DC 2010-04-01

DC SunsongAmphipteresAdultMaleDC SunsongAmphipteresHatchlingMaleDC SunsongAmphipteresAdultFemDC SunsongAmphipteresHatchlingFem

DC NebulaAdultMaleDC NebulaHatchlingMaleDC NebulaAdultFemDC NebulaHatchlingFem
DC HellfireWyvernsAdultMaleDC HellfireWyvernsHatchlingMaleDC HellfireWyvernsAdultFemDC HellfireWyvernsHatchlingFem

DC BrightbreastedWyvernAdultMaleDC BrightbreastedWyvernHatchlingMaleDC BrightbreastedWyvernAdultFemDC BrightbreastedWyvernHatchlingFem
4 апреля
04/04/10 - Festival of Eggs

While I don't have a pretty picture for you this time, I'd like to announce a two-day event that is unlike any other: The DC Festival of Eggs.

What is this festival of eggs? Well, it's very similar to an easter egg hunt. For the next two days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.

So get searching!

11 апреля
04/11/10 - State of the Cave

Forums were down for quite some time, the server they're on ran out of disk space and then I decided to do some maintenance on them. They should be perfectly fine now.

24 апреля
04/24/10 - Maintenance

There will be maintenance on DC tonight at 1 am EST. It is expected to last 1-3 hours.

Sorry for the short notice.

02 мая
05/02/10 - State of the Cave

Festival of Eggs
The baskets from the Festival of Eggs have been moved to a smaller "badge" icon on both the account and user pages. And because they looked so lonely there, I added some trophies as well.

04 мая
05/04/10 - State of the Cave

Frilled Eggs
Yes, frilled eggs are gone. This was requested by their creator quite some time ago, which means it should come as no surprise. It also means that complaining here isn't going to get you anywhere.

Spring Layout
On a happier note, I've started working on a spring-themed skin for the forums. If Murphy's Law holds up, it should arrive just in time for summer.

DC SpringLayout

(Click thumbnail to see full size)

22 мая
05/22/10 - State of the Cave

New Merchandise and Store Updates
Thanks to JaziandCo, the store is now carrying Neotropical-themed merchandise.
DC 4537295.7165929
In addition, the profit ratio has been adjusted from 15% site/5% artists to 10% site/10% artists.

Progeny Tool
There's an "open beta" of a progeny tool going on in this Site Discussion thread. It's being tested for your benefit, so please, try it, break it, criticize it, and help improve it.

Freeform Role Plays
A new "Freeform Role Play" section has been created as a result of moderator discussion. Polls showed that users strongly wanted such a section, so hopefully you enjoy it.

May Dragon Release
If everything goes well, expect a release containing 3 or 4 new breeds sometime in the next week.

Dealing with increasing numbers of breeds
As more and more releases occur, it's pretty obvious that the increasing variety of dragons makes it harder to collect them all. We're developing a number of solutions to this problem, and once we think we have the best possible options we'll present them to you and gather user feedback.

26 мая
05/26/10 - Insert Witty Title Here (New Eggs), trololololol.

DC 2010-05-26

DC TerraeAdultMaleDC TerraeHatchlingMaleDC TerraeAdultFemDC TerraeHatchlingFemDC NightGloryDrakeHatchlingUniDC DayGloryDrakeHatchlingUniDC NightGloryDrakeAdultUniDC DayGloryDrakeAdultUniDC ShallowWaterHatchlingMaleDC ShallowWaterAdultMaleDC ShallowWaterHatchlingFemDC ShallowWaterAdultFem
29 мая
MAGIKARP used SPLASH!, But madness ensued.

DC SplashDemo

...DC NinjaSmile

02 июня
06/02/10 - State of the Cave

Cave Changes
I'm testing a few changes to the cave and AP. In particular, preventing eggs from sitting on the front page or AP for too long. I'm going to refrain from saying exactly what was changed, but if you notice any positive or negative changes, please post your reactions here.

22 июня
06/22/10 - State of the Cave, Incubators

The incubator page has received a few updates:

  • TinyPic uploading is broken and has been disabled. Unfortunately, there are no plans to readd it in the future.
  • In most cases CDN incubators should update immediately instead of the previous hour wait.
  • The incubator creation delay has been lowered from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
25 июня
06/25/10 - Downtime

Around 6:30 am EST, the server went down. I don't know exactly what caused it, but according to the site's host, they were "notified about a mass outage in the Miami area."

The site should be back up now. I had to restore data from the latest backup, but given that the backup is from 5 am this morning, there shouldn't be too much lost.

29 июня
06/29/10 - Upcoming Maintenance

This Thursday, July 1 at 11 PM, Dragon Cave will be down for anywhere between 1-4 hours for some maintenance designed to reduce server load and thus decrease lag. The forums, chat, and anything else should not be affected.

In the interest of preventing "kthx" spam, I'm not going to leave this topic open, but now you know. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

02 июля
07/02/10 - State of the Cave

It appears the maintenance was a success. From what I can tell the site is running normally, although we'll see what kind of bugs pop up in the coming days.
Followup Maintenance
Followup maintenance is tentatitvely scheduled for 11:00 PM EST tommorrow/today, July 2nd. Sorry for the lesser notice. It should take 1-2 hours at most. I'll be monitoring the site tomorrow and based on how well things perform, it may or may not be necessary.

Progeny Tool
The progeny tool has also been made public at this time. If a dragon has more than 10 children the list will be replaced with a "View Children" link to the progeny tool. Else, you can access it by clicking on the "Children:" label on the view page.

04 июля
2010-07-04 - Beat The Heat Egg Release

DC 2010-07-04

DC CoastalWaverunnersHatchlingUniDC CoastalWaverunnersAdultUniDC SpitfiresHatchlingUniDC SpitfiresAdultUni
18 июля
2010-07-18 - Forums Downtime

The forums were down for several hours earlier today for an unknown reason. My host's response was simply "We are aware of this and are working on resolving the issue."

I'm going to be looking into finding a new service provider for the forums. (No need to spam the topic with "TRY THIS HOST," please.)

22 июля
2010-07-22 - Upcoming Forum Downtime

As a result of the previous forum downtime, I've secured a new hosting provider for the forums. Tomorrow (Friday) night, July 24, at 12 AM EST, the forums will go down while I transfer them to their new home. No data will be lost, nothing about the forums should change at all.
If all goes well, that will be the end of this story. If the new hosting has issues, there may be further downtime so I can transfer things back.

24 июля
2010-07-24 - Forum Server Change

If you can read this topic, then the server change went successfully and all is well.

31 июля
2010-07-31 - Iconator Icons

Due to issues involving images from"Iconator" being caught as malware by some users, iconator urls are being automatically filtered to block images.

12 августа
Moderator Applications, It's that time again.

It's that time again. Peeps are entering college and moving on, and the moderation staff is in serious need of some new recruits.

So. Think you can handle it? Just send a PM to me explaining why you think that you are a good fit for your position of choice.

A few formalities/requirements:

  • Don't post here with your application. Posts don't magically turn into PMs.
  • Please include the position you're applying for in the subject of the PM or it may be misfiled.
  • You must be at least level 3. (A.K.A have at least 100 posts)
  • Being on good terms with the current mods is a plus.
  • You must have at most a current warn level of 10%. Past warn history will be taken into account, but we're not going to penalize you too much.
  • Application Deadline: Midnight EST, August 23

The positions:
General Discussion Moderator
There's a lot of sections GD mods are in charge of. If you don't know which ones they are, just see the General Discussion Category. Just remember that GD tends to be fast-moving and has a lot of area that needs covering.
RP Moderator
RP mods are in charge of the RP section, including managing approvers as well as personally approving RPs and such.

EDIT: De-lulz-ed because as usual they are rather unappreciated.
EDIT 2: Added application deadline.

12 августа
2010-08-12 - Forum Update

General Discussion
Until some dedicated mods are chosen on the 23/24 to manage the GD section, RP and SD mods have been given moderation abilities in the General Discussion section. If you have a problem in that section, don't hesitate to contact an SD/RP mod.
If you have recently submitted a report that has not been dealt with, it may be useful to resubmit it so that the SD/RP mods will receive it and deal with it.

18 августа
2010-08-18 - Site Downtime, Interesting Story

So, as many people probably noticed, the site went down. I contacted my host, and the response was rather interesting:

The Tech checked the connectivity of the patch cable between your server and the switch. After that it worked again. So I think it was not snapped it all the way and was getting loss do the vibrations.

So the vibrations due to the fans and other moving parts of various servers in the rack slowly caused the network cable to fall out. Murphy's Law really does mean anything.

26 августа
2010-08-26 - New Moderators

Congratulations to the new moderators:

General Discussion

Role Playing

The Help/Site Discussion/Role Playing moderator groups will maintain moderator access to General Discussion for the next week as the new mods settle into their roles.

28 августа
2010-08-28 - 55 Days, ya rly.

DC 2010-08-28

DC RidgewingAdultMaleDC RidgewingAdultFemDC RidgewingHatchlingMalehttp://dragcaveDC RidgewingTanAdultMaleDC RidgewingTanAdultFemDC RidgewingTanHatchlingFemDC RidgewingTanHatchlingMaleDC FlamingoWyvernAdultMaleDC FlamingoWyvernAdultFemDC FlamingoWyvernHatchlingMaleDC FlamingoWyvernHatchlingFem
03 сентября
2010-09-03 - Downtime TOMORROW

I have just been informed by my host that there will be maintenance performed tomorrow (Saturday, September 4) at 10 am EST. It is expected to take "only a few minutes."

Thank you for your potential understanding and/or lack thereof.

EDIT The maintenance is now over.

05 сентября
2010-09-05 - General Discussion Moderators

The General Discussion section has returned to normal moderation. Please PM the new General Discussion Moderators (Kiffren, MURDERcomplexx, and NixAyum) if you have an issue, or use the report tool. The Help, Site Discussion, and Role Playing moderators will no longer be able to take direct action in this section.

15 сентября
2010-09-15 - Forum Updates

Breed Specific Actions section now open
There is now a subforum for suggesting and discussing new Breed Specific Actions within the Suggestions/Requests forum. Make sure you read the pinned topics in this new section before jumping in and posting, though, as there are several restrictions on this section.

Censor Update
The word "crap" has been removed from the censor. This does not give you free license to use the word, especially when directed at others. Excessive swearing will still likely earn you a warn.

10 октября
10 on 10-10-10, TEN TEN TEN TEN

DC 2010-10-10

DC HarvestAdultMaleDC HarvestHatchlingMaleDC HarvestHatchlingFemDC HarvestAdultFemDC EmberAdultFemDC EmberAdultMaleDC EmberHatchlingUniDC EmberHatchlingUni
25 октября
2010-10-25 - Site Downtime

The site was down for several hours due to some database issues. No data was lost, and all ER eggs/hatchlings are being credited 3 hours.

27 октября
2010-10-27 - And so it begins

Halloween 2010

Trick or Treating
Quite a few treats (and some tricks as well) have been scattered throughout the site. Think you can collect all of them before Halloween is done?

Event Breeding
Pumpkin dragons are now breedable and will be breedable until November 1st. Remember that there was no limit on these dragons, and that carries over to this year. In the words of the pumpkin dragon's creator, Christmas and Valentine's Day are about giving, but Halloween is about grabbing as much candy for yourself as you can.

and more...

31 октября
2010-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

DC 2010-10-31

DC BlackMarrowAdultMaleDC BlackMarrowHatchlingUniDC BlackMarrowAdultFem
11 ноября
2010-11-11 - Feature Preview

Feel free to double-check your calendar if you don't believe me, but no, it's not April 1st yet. And pinch yourself all you wish, you're not dreaming. These features are really happening. That said, these features are not yet available. (Which might seem obvious, but who knows?)

Egg/Hatchling Limits

  • Changing to 4 eggs / 12 total, regardless of whether or not you're breeding, grabbing from cave, or whatnot.
  • With a bronze badge, the limit goes up to 5 eggs/15 total
  • Silver badge, 6 eggs/18 total
  • Gold badge, 7 eggs/21 total


  • Purple BSA increases the chance of whatever dragon you choose breeding successfully.
  • Does not alter the chance of getting a specific breed of egg.
  • Two week cooldown


  • Eggs split up into different biomes
  • Fewer people viewing each biome means fewer people vying for each individual egg.
  • Want a water-based dragon? Chances are you'll find them near the beach. Tropical dragons? In a jungle.
  • Rares will show up in all biomes.

Rare x Rare breeding

  • Breed gold x gold, gold x silver, or gold x holiday (Or any other combination of rares except holiday x holiday)
  • gold x gold has the same chance of producing a gold egg as gold x pink, so this won't make rares super-easy to get.

Refusals in breeding list

  • Once a pair has refused, it will cease to show up on the breeding page.
  • This will work for all pairs that have refused each other since June 14, 2010.


  • Unlimited, you can rename your dragon as much as you wish.
  • Currently no option to remove a name, only replace it.

S1 Freezing

  • Whatever stage you freeze in is where it stays
  • Existing frozen hatchlings will not be affected.
  • I may release a tool that lets people take existing "S1 frozen" hatchlings (which are accomplished merely by low views) and "convert" them to proper S1 frozens.

Scroll Pages

  • Each user sets how many dragons they wish to view per-page.
  • User setting is applied for all scrolls that user views.


  • Magi BSA provides 2-way trading or 1-way transferring
  • Up to four eggs/hatchlings at a time

Vampire Lineages

  • Vampire eggs (and up) show what dragon bit them.
  • Vampire dragons show what eggs they have bitten.
  • Existing lineage is unaffected.

Timeframe: Renaming, S1 Freezing, Scroll Pages, and Vampire Lineages should be arriving this weekend, December 10-12.

18 ноября
2010-11-18 - Shop Update

Just in time for the holiday (shopping) season, the store has been updated with 9 new designs courtesy of Roon and Marrionetta. In addition, some of the existing offerings have been reworked a bit to reduce clutter.

DC DragonChickenGothamShopDC ElderfishShopDC ShallowWaterDragonShop
DC SunsetDragonShopDC TerraeDragonShopDC AltBlackShop
DC ChickenShopDC DaydreamDragonShopDC FrillShop

22 ноября
2010-11-22 - Maintenance

There will be general maintenance at midnight (EST) some day this week. I'm going to tentatively schedule it for Wednesday night (Thursday morning) 11/24-25, but that may be changed to later in the week (Like Saturday night).

The maintenance will last 2-3 hours, during which the site will be inaccessible (For the first part you should see a general message, for the second part the site will just be down.)

No, this has nothing to do with new features.


Current Status:
Forum Maintenance: Completed
Site Maintenance: Completed

13 декабря
2010-12-13 - Yay Updates

Vampire Lineages
Only bite logs from after April 2010 are guaranteed to show up. Earlier vampires will have their logs show up at some point in the future when I get around to importing the data.
Scroll pages
Remember that this setting affects how you see the scrolls of others. There is no option to change how others see your scroll and there are currently no plans to add such an option.
S1 Freezing
Only affects newly-frozen hatchlings. I will release a tool to retroactively update old S1 frozens in the future.

EDIT: Fixed case sensitivity for vampire lineages.

18 декабря
2010-12-18 - Christmas Event Info, Speculation, begone.

Let's put an end once and for all to speculation about what will be happening over the next week(s):

Event Eggs
A new event dragon will become available starting around midnight December 25. Egg drops will continue for three days until midnight December 28 (Defined as the second after December 27 23:59:59 EST).
2007–2009 holiday dragons will be able to breed more holiday eggs for seven days from December 21–28 (Starting and ending at midnight, see the definition above). New holiday eggs that are bred during this time and that and reach adulthood before Dec. 28 will not be able to breed at all until after Dec. 28.
Moar events
Future information forthcoming. Stay tuned for surprises.
Remember that the 2-per-breed total is still in effect for all Christmas holiday dragons. If you are already at this limit, then any new eggs will be autoabandoned after 30 minutes.

And now that all that lovely ambiguity is gone (hopefully), time to get excited.

25 декабря
2010-12-25 - Merry Christmas, Surprise!

DC 2010-12-25

DC RibbonDancerAdultUniDC RibbonDancerHatchlingUni
Notice: You may only take up to two of this breed. Any additional eggs will be automatically abandoned.
27 декабря
2010-12-27 -Tree Decorating Event, The rules explained at last.

Tree Decorating Contest

Here's how it works:

  • You have 12 days (Starting on Christmas, we're on day 3 right now) to obtain ornaments. You have to visit your tree every day to grab the ornaments, and you're free to start decorating as you see fit.
  • You can decorate using as many (or few) decorations as you choose.
  • After the 12 days are up (IE on the 6th), you will have two days to decorate your trees with your final set of ornaments. Midnight January 9, editing will be locked.
  • During the editing period on the 6th through the 8th, there will be an option to submit your tree to the contest.
  • Starting on the January 9, a scroll link for rating trees will appear near the "Review Descriptions"
  • From January 9 until midnight on January 16 (exactly 7 days), users will be able to rate trees (on a scale of 1-10) anonymously. Users may rate as many trees as they wish, but each user will only be able to vote on any given tree once.
  • After user voting is over, the top 200 will become finalists and from those, I will pick 5 first place winners, 10 second place winners, 15 third place winners, and 20 honorable mentions.
  • Winners will be "announced" (AKA contacted via e-mail) on the 20th.
  • After winners are announced, all trees will be publicly viewable and editing will be re-opened.

The Prizes:

  • The first, second, and third place winners will each receive a variant of a never-before-seen dragon. Let's call these variants gold, silver, and bronze. First place gets the gold variant, second place gets the silver variant, third place gets the bronze variant.
  • Gold prize dragons can breed more gold prize dragons, silver can breed more silver, bronze can breed more bronze. There will be no limits on how many of these dragons you can have.
  • Honorable Mention winners are allowed to request an egg of their choice.
  • Honorable Mention winners can ask for: Any egg currently available in the cave (or via breeding), frills, Guardians of Nature, Holiday Dragons (Including Hollies, Yulebucks, Snow Angels, but not Valentines, Sweetlings, or Black Marrows), and vampires.
  • Honorable Mention winners can not ask for: Prize dragons, bright pinks, "XD" or "<3" eggs, non-Christmas Event Dragons (Except vampires), dragons for which you are already at the limit, Neglected eggs, or Zombies (they don't have eggs to begin with).
  • First, second, and third place winners may choose to request an egg instead of a prize dragon (same choices as honorable mentions). If this happens, a random winner from the rank below will be chosen to receive the prize in their place.
  • Custom dragon codes are available upon request.
  • All eggs given to winners/honorable mentions will "CB" and will be safeguarded against sickness.

Any questions?


2011 год[]

Дата Содержание новости на английском Содержание новости на русском
19 января
Moderator Applications

Think you can handle the tough, strenuous, and challenging (and possibly dozens of other adjectives) job of a moderator? Just send a PM to me explaining why you think that you are a good fit for your position of choice.

A few formalities/requirements:

  • Don't post here with your application. Posts don't magically turn into PMs.
  • Please include the section you're applying for in the subject of the PM or it may be misfiled or ignored.
  • You must be at least level 3. (A.K.A have at least 100 posts)
  • Being on good terms with the current mods (especially those in the section you're applying for) is a plus.
  • You must have at most a current warn level of 10%. Past warn history will be taken into account, but we're not going to penalize you too much.
  • Application Deadline: Midnight EST, February 3

The positions:
Help Moderator
Help moderators are in charge of the flood of help questions that need to be quickly answered. They also have to deal with the suggestions forum and do almost everything involving Dragon Requests (including but not limited to approving new requests, moving requests to completed, updating the progress list (with help))
Site Discussion Moderator
Site discussion may be a small area, but it gets a lot of foot traffic. SD mods not only have to pay attention to SD topics, but also approve new intro topics and monitor news threads (Like this one!)
RP Moderator
RP mods are in charge of the RP section, including managing approvers as well as personally approving RPs, and keeping RPs and OOC threads on track.

20 января
2011-01-20 - Tree Decorating Contest is Over!, Whew. That was a lot of Christmas.

Okay, the winners have all been contacted to retrieve their prize choices. I'll be posting more overall statistics here in a minute (but not announcing names of winners in public. I don't even know the names anyways, my choices were anonymous).

EDIT: Okay, here we go:

2,292,711 votes submitted
1,289,799 ornaments given out
24035 trees decorated
8275 trees submitted
18,004 "10's"
Average Vote: 3.74
Highest Tree Score: 6.23
Each tree received at least 277 votes

EDIT 2: I've seen at least two cases of "YAY YOU WON" e-mails going to spam folders. Make sure you check your spam folder.

02 февраля
2011-02-02 - Site Downtime

DC will most likely be unavailable later today due to new hardware installation.

I'm going to temporarily take the site down right now to make backups.

EDIT: Installation postponed until tomorrow.

EDIT 2: It's taking quite a bit longer than anticipated (obviously). My host doesn't seem to have the same sense of urgency that I have, and there's not much I can do about that.

13 февраля
2011-02-13 - Contest Prizes

Contest prizes have finally been given out (except for the handful of people who picked invalid prizes).
14 февраля
2011-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

DC 2011-02-14

DC RosebudHatchlingUniDC RosebudAdultUni
(Please remember, you can only obtain two of these eggs.)
16 марта
2011-03-16 - New Eggs, Surprise!

DC 2011-03-16

DC PillowHatchlingMaleDC PillowAdultMaleDC PillowHatchlingFemDC PillowAdultFemDC SwallowtailHatchlingMaleDC SwallowtailAdultMaleDC SwallowtailHatchlingFemDC SwallowtailAdultFemDC StripedBlackHatchlingUniDC StripedBlackAdultMaleDC StripedBlackAdultFem
21 марта
2011-03-21 OHAI SPRING

DC Logo Spring

The spring skin is finally done and is now active (Preview). That's it, really.

Oh, and the winter skin is gone now. (Even though I just got more snow this morning, it is spring now.) But you can just use Dragon Cave Blue if you want something similar.

23 марта
2011-03-23 - Forum Updates

I've performed a lot of random cleanup, removing old posts that had been deleted but were still sitting around, ensuring automatic maintenance is actually happening (it wasn't), etc.

Search flood limit has been increased to 1.5 minutes. Sorry, but it seems like it was really causing issues when I had it at something lower.

Forum games has been wiped, but all posts are still accessible. Ask a mod if there's something you need restored (but by definition, nothing in forum games should be that important.)

Ideally, the forums will run a lot better now.

Global Mods
Congratulations to the following mods, who have been promoted to Global Moderator:

SockPuppet Strangler

They'll still be hanging around their sections for a bit until the new section mods are appointed, but I figured it'd be a good idea to promote global mods first.

1 апреля
2011-04-01 - New Moderators

I think the new globals have settled in, so now it's time to announce the new moderators:

Help Moderators: LadyLyzar, Infinis, Grimace
Site Discussion Moderators: rubyshoes, LadyAmlaruil2
RP Moderator: Devious_Bookworm

Please join me in congratulating them.

8 апреля
2011-04-08 - Site Downtime

DC is down for some emergency-ish maintenance. It'll be back in an hour or so.

Sorry for the lack of notice (I just found out myself).

23 апреля
2011-04-23 - Second Annual Festival of Eggs

This year's Festival of Eggs has begun! The event has been extended to three days this year (from last year's one), although it uses the same basket as last year.

To quote last year:

What is this festival of eggs? Well, it's very similar to an easter egg hunt. For the next [three] days, special eggs designed just for the event will pop up in random spots on the site. Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is.

Happy Hunting!

The event has been extended twenty hours as a result of the downtime from 4/23. It will now end at 8 pm EST on Tuesday, April 26.

The 15 hours Festival of Eggs make-up period will start at 12 pm this Monday. It will thus run from 12 pm EST on 5/9/11 to 3 am EST on 5/10/11.

27 апреля
2011-04-27 - Downtime

Perhaps more people will read a news topic than the help one...

The cave is back up. There was a 15 hour data loss (anything after 5 am EST yesterday), and eggs have been credited accordingly. This means that anything done after 5 am EST yesterday was lost, including gathering event eggs, breeding your dragons, everything.

I will be rescheduling a Festival of Eggs extension to account for the 15 hours lost.
QUOTE (TJ @ Festival of Eggs news thread)

With the discovery of a few hours of data loss, the event will be extended yet again. I will be scheduling this extended period for some time in the future, possibly this weekend.

21 мая
2011-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 5th Birthday, Avec du gâteau!

DC 2011-05-21

I figured I should do at least a small event for Dragon Cave's fifth birthday. Enjoy!
DC CrimsonFlarePygmyHatchlingUniDC CrimsonFlarePygmyAdultUniDC DarkMystPygmyHatchlingFemDC DarkMystPygmyAdultFemDC DarkMystPygmyHatchlingMaleDC DarkMystPygmyAdultMale DC MisfitPygmyHatchlingUniDC MisfitPygmyAdultMaleDC MisfitPygmyAdultFemDC NiliaPygmyHatchlingUniDC NiliaPygmyAdultUniФайл:DC SeawyrmPygmyHatchlingUni.gifФайл:DC SeawyrmPygmyAdultMale.gifDC SeawyrmPygmyAdultFem
23 мая
2011-05-24 - Pending Forum Downtime

The hosting provider for the forums has informed me earlier today that, due to the repeated connectivity issues they've had, they're going to be shutting down their Atlanta datacenter (where the forums are currently hosted) and migrating everyone to their new Dallas datacenter, which has availability.

Now, most of what I just said is somewhat irrelevant to everyone reading this. The main thing you need to know is that there will be downtime (for the forums only) involved. The downtime should be minimal, but may last up to an hour. After the downtime, everything will hopefully run more smoothly.

The downtime will take place at one of two times: later today, or in a few weeks (around June 15).

I'll keep this post updated as things happen (although if the forums go down, you'll know).

tl;dr: Read the bold.

QUOTE (Host @ 5:16 PM EST)

We will start the migration in about 2-4hours when the current migrations are done.

Looks like somewhere 7-11 PM EST.

Final(?) Update: If you can see this, then everything is working.

The maintenance is complete, peoples' ISPs will update slowly over the next X period of time.

31 мая
2011-05-31 - State of the Cave, Finally

Upcoming maintenance
The cave will be unavailable for 1-2 hours this Thursday night (June 2) into Friday morning (June 3) starting at midnight EST. This is completely unrelated to the below announcement.

New Features
Yes, they're coming. At midnight EST on Friday June 10 (AKA the night of Thursday June 9, exactly one week after the above maintenance), the site will be closed for a bit while I add new features, including:

  • Egg/Hatchling Limits
  • Fertility
  • Biomes
  • Rare x Rare breeding
  • Refusals in breeding list
  • Teleport

and more. That's right, there will be a few changes that I'm going to leave unannounced.
(See this topic for more information on the features listed above)

Cue madness.

10 июня
2011-06-10 - UPDATES, i warned you about updates, bro.

They are finally here! Here's an overview of what's changed:

First, the things you know about:
This should be pretty obvious as soon as you look at the home page. The traditional "grab eggs from the cave" has been replaced with a map guiding you to six biomes. Each biome has an exclusive set of breeds to choose from. Note: The AP is still accessible from the home page, and there is currently no "blocking" mechanism in place.

Egg/Hatchling Limits
This update is double the awesome. Not only is the somewhat-convoluted egg/hatchling limit linkage thing gone (No more 4 hatchlings and 2 eggs being "locked"), but the limits are also increased based on your trophy level. New users can have 4 eggs with 12 total growing creatures. Bronze badge brings you up to 5 eggs/15 total, silver is 6/18, and gold is a whopping 7 eggs at a time with 21 total living things. More on how this works will be added to the help page soon, but hopefully it's much easier to understand than the old system.

Purple BSA: Fertility
Use this BSA to increase the chance of a successful breeding. Just choose one dragon to use it on, and the next time they breed their chances will be upped. Using it on both dragons on a pair does not produce any increased effect.

Magi BSA: Teleport
Transfer or trade your dragons. This long-awaited feature is now finally available, bringing an official trade feature to DC.

Rare x Rare Breeding
The limitation preventing you from breeding rare dragons (or Frill x rare, etc) together is now gone. However, the chance of successfully producing a rare from rare x rare is about the same as breeding common x rare, except you use two rares in the process, so choose wisely.

Rejections in Breeding Lists
Dragons that have rejected in the past should no longer show up in the breeding list. I am aware that there will probably be false positives (Rare x rare pairs bred before today). Don't worry, I'll be doing something about this soon.

And the things you weren't expecting:
Updated Navigation
Also pretty noticeable as soon as you visit. I made the navigation smaller to make room for an increased number of links, including a help link.

Help Page
The help page, previously hidden away, has been fleshed out. The introduction has been clarified, a page on "the ratios" have been added, and the new BSA's are listed as well.

Account/Dragons Split
There've been a lot of "account management" links shoved on the top of the "view dragons" page for a while. It made a lot of sense to separate the two into distinct pages. Note that you can also easily access your active trades and transfers from the account page.

Five-letter Codes
To make room "for the future," all new dragons now have five-character ID codes instead of four. This certainly makes a lot of room for funny new words. Existing dragons are completely unaffected.

Codes in breeding list
When breeding, the "Unnamed" text has been replaced with the dragon's ID. This should make it easier to tell what dragon you're choosing for breeding.

Layout switching
If you go to "Account Settings," you'll find the option to change the site skin. Tired of the boring paper? Switch to the Portal 2-themed layout. Remember the 2009 St. Patrick's Day skin (Of course not, only five people got to see it due to host issues/lag)? Well now you can use it all the time.

I probably missed some changes; there's a lot both internally and externally. Hopefully they're all a hit, but don't be afraid to suggest changes (or report bugs).

Menu Issues?
If you're having problems with the menu looking garbled or being positioned wrong, try the following:

1. CTRL+F5
2. Clear your cache
3. (IE Users) Disable "Compatibility View"

18 июля
2011-07-17 - Desert Sands Release

DC 2011-07-17

DC MoonstoneAdultMaleDC MoonstoneAdultFemDC MoonstoneHatchlingMaleDC MoonstoneHatchlingFemDC SunstoneAdultUniDC SunstoneHatchlingUni
03 августа
2011-08-03 - State of the Cave

Mobile Site
The mobile site has received a substantial update that should make it work better on most phones. For those who aren't aware, the mobile site will automatically be used when accessing the site from most smartphones (including iOS, Android, WebOS, Windows Phone OS, or Blackberry devices).

Cave Blocking
The biomes will no longer be "blocked" by abandoned eggs during the first five minutes of each hour.

Holiday Pages
Holiday pages (such as the Festival of Eggs basket) are now accessible from the Account page in addition to the clickable badges.

Random Breed Stats
Note: This is a glimpse into how things currently are. No changes have been made to these breeds.
Overpopulated (will be harder to find or breed): Albino, Ridgewing, Red
Underpopulated (will be easy to find or breed): Glorydrake, Waverunner, Bluna.

13 августа
2011-08-13 - Shop Updates

Shop Redesign
The Dragon Cave Merchandise Store has been redesigned. The new layout matches the default forum skin instead of DC's default scroll design (which didn't really translate well to the store).

New Designs
The shop now contains eight new designs by DC Artist Earthgirl. You may recognize her as the artist behind the Electric Dragons, the Glorydrakes, and the Dark Myst and Seawyrm pygmies.
DC 4537295.7774703DC 4537295.7774784DC 4537295.7774790DC 4537295.7944103DC 4537295.7944160
DC 4537295.7944184DC 4537295.7944221DC 4537295.7944226
Striped Hatchling Merchandise Update (Added on 8/15)
The Striped Dragon Hatchling lineup by Vicats has been updated to include Black Striped Hatchlings, making it a full set again.
DC 4537295.7947011

17 сентября
2011-09-17 - Secret Friday Release

DC 2011-09-17

DC Gold-hornedTangarAdultMaleDC Gold-hornedTangarHatchlingUniDC SpottedGreenwingAdultUniDC SpottedGreenwingHatchlingUni
29 сентября
Yes, the site is down

I've been in touch with DC's host, but their responses are pretty slow (as usual).

Hopefully it'll be up soon.

EDIT: And I have direct access to the server. Things will go much faster now.

EDIT: DC should be returning to normal any second now. Low-time eggs and hatchlings were credited five hours.

05 октября
Site Down, again

So the site's host told me of an upcoming change to network settings. They said I would have to update the settings by next Monday (10/10), so I decided to take my time to ensure I switched everything over without downtime (ironically).

I just spoke to them and confirmed that they had switched everything over already, five days early. So now I'm working to get everything working again.

Low-time eggs and hatchlings will be extended, and no, it will not be optional.

DC is now back up, all low-time eggs and hatchlings have been credited with 4 hours.

08 октября
2011-10-08 - State of the Cave

Cave Balancing
Over the next few weeks, I will be implementing and testing a system to deal with "cave blockers." I'm not going to go into details; I just feel that users should be aware of the change and that the cave's behavior (regarding distribution of breeds; the biome structure will not be changing) over the next few weeks may be different from what you're used to.

Forum Downtime
There was unplanned maintenance on the forums this morning due to server issues. Users may notice that changes to their profile got lost (although I'm pretty sure no one was affected), and a few (very few) PMs sent in the past day were lost.

Halloween Reminder
Past Halloween event dragons will become breedable on Wednesday, October 26 at 0:00, and be breedable for six days, ending Tuesday. November 1 at 0:00. Further details regarding this year's Halloween events will be announced at a later time.

25 октября
2011-10-25 - Halloween 2011 Schedule.

So, this year, we've got things happening every day of this mid-week, and then you've got some time to catch up before the "grand finale" release on Halloween.
Tuesday, October 25 - Leetle Trees
As you have probably already seen, Leetle Trees are joining in the festivities with a special design.
Wednesday, October 26 - Holiday Breeding
Past halloween dragons will be breedable beginning at 0:00 and ending at 0:00 on November 1 (a full six days). They will produce multiclutches. Remember that there are no limits on Holiday dragons, but "held egg" rules still apply.
Thursday, October 27 - Halloween Event
There will be a special event beginning at 0:00 on October 27 and running until 0:00 on November 1 (five days). It will not interfere with your egg raising in any way, so don't worry about keeping egg spots free.
Halloween - October 31
A special event dragon will be available for 24 hours only starting at 0:00 on October 31 and ending at 0:00 on November 1. Grab as many eggs as you can within that time period; as with past years, there will be no Holiday limits.

27 октября
2011-10-27 - Haunted House Event

DC 2011-10-27

Haunted House Event

After weeks of hard work, we have come up with an event that's unlike any other you've seen. Explore the haunted house to calm your dragons' unrest, and collect numerous items along the way. The badge is only given out if you complete the goal.

You can access the house from the main cave or from your scroll until 0:00 on November 1.

29 октября
2011-10-29 - Spam E-Mail Reporting

There has been a recent surge in users reporting forum e-mails as Spam. When you report a forum e-mail (such as a PM notification) as Spam, your e-mail provider may send a notice to the forum's host, and when that occurs, I am required to block your e-mail address from the forums. This happens most frequently with Windows Live and Hotmail.

In the past, I have dealt with this by working with individual users to replace the e-mail addresses. However, the volume has become so large that I will now be interpreting Spam reports as a clear indication that you no longer wish to have an account and will ban any forum account for which I receive such a report, as well as blocking the e-mail address from being used. Given that I am required to take action by my host, these bans with typically be non-negotiable.

Instead of reporting e-mails as junk or spam, please configure your forum e-mail settings in the User CP.

To be clear: This only applies to the forums, not the main DC site.

31 октября
2011-10-31 - Happy Halloween

DC 2011-10-31

DC ShadowWalkerAdultUniDC ShadowWalkerHatchlingUni
17 ноября
2011-11-17 - Haunted House Available Again

Those who completed the Haunted House event can now run through the event again with a fresh inventory. Any items you collect will not actually be saved or shown to other users. You can access it by clicking on the badge on the "Dragons" page.
14 декабря
2011-12-14 - 2011 Holiday Event

DC 2011-12-14
25 декабря
2011-12-25 - Happy Holidays

DC 2011-12-25

DC WinterMagiHatchlingUniDC WinterMagiAdultUni

(Please remember, you can only obtain two of these eggs.)

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01 января
2012-01-01 - Happy New Year!

Everyone has been waiting for this moment for several days now: The announcement of the winners of the 2011 Holiday Event Raffle. I'm not going to list any of the names in public, but all of the winners have been contacted via e-mail with instructions on how to redeem their prizes (winners should also see a notice on-site if they do not claim their prize). In the event that an e-mail fails to be delivered, I will continue attempting to contact the winners. Prizes will be given out once all of the winners have selected a prize.
16 января
2012-01-16 - Prize Update

Due to a lack of response from several prize winners, 8 new honorable mention winners have been chosen. All eight members have been e-mailed (and should see a notice at the top of their scroll).

Since all of the first, second, and third place winners are "set," I will begin giving out prizes to those winners shortly.

18 января
2011-01-18 - Blackout

As an online game, Dragon Cave is pretty removed from everything and anything political; there's hardly any sort of platform or agenda implied by an adoptables site. Perhaps more importantly, everything on Dragon Cave is representative of myself (and to a lesser extent, the forum/chat staff), and I typically don't feel it's my place to force any sort of views on people.

However, in the case of SOPA/PIPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act, respectively), it's difficult to stay silent. The matching bills allow anyone to accuse a web site of copyright infringement and have it taken down or otherwise crippled (by forcing advertising/payment services to cease all dealings with the site). I won't go too far into the bills; if you want more, check out [1].

So, for the first time in DC history, I have broken DC's political agnosticism. To raise awareness, DC's skin (for all users) has been replaced with one that I have affectionately dubbed, "Blackout." On the home page, there's a message encouraging users to oppose SOPA and PIPA. After today, everything will go back to normal.

Deciding to use DC to spread a political message was not easy, and I can only hope that I'll never have to make such a decision again.

19 января
2012-01-19 - Rule Clarification

So, I've gone through and expanded upon the post content rules. The updated policy is as follows:

Post Content
PG-13 as defined by the MPAA is a good reference for what is appropriate, but by no means is well-defined enough to fully govern the forums.
As such, the following list explicitly and exhaustively defines what is considered inappropriate. Posts may neither contain nor link to any of the following content:

  • Adult material (Nudity, pornography, or explicit sexual acts)
  • Extreme violence
  • Viruses, spyware, or malware
  • Illegal downloads/piracy
  • Accounts of illegal activities
  • Threatening, harassing, or obscene content.
  • Swearing/censor bypassing (links are allowed if a disclaimer is included)

Note that this list refers to direct references; high-level discussions are fine. Thus, a topic on the use of extreme violence in video games is okay, while links to or detailed descriptions of specific instances of violence are not. Anything not forbidden by the above list is fine for discussion.

If you have any questions about these revisions, please ask them now. I would like to make sure that there are no oversights in the new policy before it goes into effect.

23 января
2012-01-23 - Chinese New Year
DC 2012-01-23

DC GoldenWyvernHatchlingUniDC GoldenWyvernAdultMaleDC GoldenWyvernAdultFemDC RoyalBlueAdultFemDC RoyalBlueAdultMaleDC RoyalBlueHatchlingMaleDC RoyalBlueHatchlingFem
07 февраля
2012-02-07 - Valentine's Day Preview

Tomorrow, February 8, 2012
Past Valentine's Day dragons can breed for one week period, ending at 0:00:00 on February 15.
Tuesday, February 14, 2012
A new Valentine's Day dragon will be dropped starting at 0:00 and lasting for 24 hours.
In addition, a one week event will begin at 0:00, ending at 0:00 on February 21.
14 февраля
2012-02-14 - Happy Valentine's Day

DC 2012-02-14
DC HeartseekerHatchlingUniDC HeartseekerAdultUni
14 марта
2012-03-14 - Rule Update, Also: Pi Day

Back in January, I posted a copy of proposed updates to the post content rule. The overall response to this change was positive, so I'm going to move forward with its implementation. This rule update is now in place, and has replaced the "Keep it PG-13" and "Post Content" rules, effective immediately.

You can read the full text of the rules from the "Rules" link in the corner of every page.

28 марта
2012-03-28 - IRC is looking for HOps!

The #dc IRC channel (and the affiliated #dctrades channel) is looking for people to become half-ops. Half-ops are, as their name implies, less than full "chat mods," but still have most of the same powers. They are still responsible for maintaining order in the chat and upholding its rules, however.

To apply, send me a PM explaining why you think you'd be a good choice. Listing past experience with IRC is a good idea, too.

Despite having no official modly duties, I'm going to insist on the same requirements as mods:

  • Don't post here with your application. Posts don't magically turn into PMs.
  • Make it clear in subject of the PM that you're applying for op-ship or it may be misfiled or ignored.
  • You must be at least level 3. (A.K.A have at least 100 posts)
  • Being on good terms with the current mods (especially the current chat mods) is a plus.
  • You must have at most a current warn level of 10%. Past warn history will be taken into account, but we're not going to penalize you too much.
  • Application Deadline: Midnight EST, April 5 (If your PM says "April 5," you're too late.
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